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Painful Pleasure (Episode 32)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

I couldn’t sleep, because I was just thinking about Moji. I
went for Physics class the following morning, I tried to call
Moji, so that we could go to class and sit together as usual
but her number wasn’t going through. I had to go to the
class alone. As I was going to class, its like I forgot
something. But in the real sense, I didn’t forget anything. It
was Moji that was missing. I wasn’t my self in the class, I
could not even grab anything that was said in the class. I just
kept thinking about Moji. “She must be really hurt. I was just
trying to tell her the whole truth when Sandra showed up
and ruined the whole thing. How on earth will Moji forgive
me for keeping this from her? Is this why Moji didn’t come to
class? Should I go to her room? I’m not even sure she wants
to see me now.” I kept thinking to myself. I couldn’t come up
with any solution. Before knew it. I had developed a fever. I
was so ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had to
leave the class. I headed straight to the hostel. When I got to
the hostel, the whole condition got really worse. I was taken
to the health center by Matthew, where I took some drugs
and went back to the hostel. Mayowa, Olu and Emeka were
not in the room. It was only Matthew that was in the room.
He prayed for me, and I laid on my bed.

Even on my sick bed, all I could think about was Moji. “I
think I love Moji” I was thinking, and before I knew it I
started repeating it. “I love Moji! I love Moji! I love Moji!”
That was around 11am. I thought about Moji till around
3pm. Everything she did for me, how I felt so incomplete
when she didn’t go to class with me. How her absence made
me feel incomplete. In fact, I didn’t see her that day, maybe
that’s why I became sick. I was so motivated. It was then it
occurred to me that I have always loved Moji. What I felt for
Aramide was just brotherly love. Moji is my true love. I’ve
always loved her all the while but I was too blind to
discover. But then, her absence made me discover that Moji
is really special to me. I was so ready to tell her how I feel
for her. Is it really possible to have deep feelings for
someone and not know until something happens? Well I
don’t know. But I guess that was what happened to me as far
as Moji is concerned.

I was literarily burning with passion. I was so lost in thought
that all my roommates were around already, but I didn’t
know. Since I laid on my bed, and closed my eyes they
thought I had slept so they treated me that way. I decided to
call Aramide immediately and tell her what I feel for her. I
tried her but her number was switched off. Mayowa saw that
I was awake. “Dapo, what’s wrong with you? Matthew said
you are not feeling too well.” Mayowa asked. “I really don’t
know too”. Emeka cuts in “Guy, wetin you go chop naw,
please you gax eat something”. Emeka said. “I will be fine,
this isn’t a physical problem. Its kind of emotional ” I told
them everything that happened the previous night between
Sandra, Moji and I. They were so surprised that Moji lied to
avoid trouble.

This time around, I confessed to them that I really do love
Moji, and I’ve been trying her number but switched off. . .
Mayowa: You don’t have to tell me that, I know it already.
You both have feelings for each other. You guys should just
stop forming and get it on.
Emeka: Eeyah, No be Aramide again, na Moji now? Your
mata don tire me self. Shey you wan turn father of all
nations ni?
Olu: Free the guy now, the guy no dey alright.
In short, Sandra don spoil your show now.
Me: I need to see her, I need to talk to her. She doesn’t even
know what I feel for her.
Emeka: No dey talk love for where we dey. Love no dey. All
of us just dey act up ni.
Mayowa: Seriously, I think you and Moji are just so
compatible. You guys really compliment each other. Please
if you really love her, just tell her. If she doesn’t feel the
same way leave her. She don friend zone you be dat.
Me: (As I was discussing with them, I started feeling much
better.) If Moji friend zone me, I can kill myself. I’m madly in
love with her. You can’t afford to be ‘just friends’ with
someone you are madly in love with. I’ve been calling her
but her number has been switched off. I know she is angry
with me.
As we were talking. My phone received a new message.
Behold, it was Moji. I read it, and the contents were. . .

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