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Sunday, 24 June 2018

You wanted to tell me something before we received that
emergency call, can you please tell me now?” Moji said to
me. I was so scared of telling her, so I decided to postpone
the whole thing. “Don’t worry, when I get back to Ife, we will
discuss it fully”. I answered her. “Alright no problem”. She
said. Moji later got a bus, and I went back to the hospital to
meet my mum. My mum got discharged later in the evening,
and we went home.
When we got home, my mum kept looking at me, but she
wasn’t saying anything. I knew there was something she
wanted to say, so I started the conversation. . .
Me: Mummy, I noticed that since you came back from the
hospital, you have been looking at me in a very funny way
that I cannot even explain. If there is anything, you can talk
to me, everything will be resolved.

My mum: Thank you oko mi, thanks for the observation. Its
about that girl.
Me: What girl?
My mum: How many girls do I know you with? The one that
paid the bills of course!
Me: Oh! You mean Moji?
My mum: Yes, my son.
Me: What’s wrong with her mummy, did she do anything
My mum: No my son. It’s about you. As an elder, I’ve been in
this game long before you were born. The both of you are in
in love with each other.
Me: (laughing) Mummy, Moji is just my friend. She is just my
best friend. In fact she brings me food.
My mum: That’s the point! How will a girl that is not your
wife cook for you, if no strings are attached. How will she
follow you to see your sick mum if she doesn’t have feelings
for you? How did she know that I was sick, if not because
you do tell her almost everything? How will you allow her to
follow you to Ibadan if not because you are strongly
attracted to her?
Me: But Mummy. . .
My mum: (Interrupted) Shut up and listen to me! I’m not
arguing with you whether or not you are attracted to her or
she is attracted to you. What I’m saying is that you have to
be careful not to do something you’ll regret. Before you go
into anything in life, be sure you are ready for it, lest you
regret your actions.
Me: Alright mum, I’ve heard you, and I won’t disappoint you.
I thought about Sandra for a while, and I was really sad. If
my mum should know about my affair with Sandra, she
won’t believe her son could do such a thing.
My mum persuaded me to go back to school the following
day, but I refused, because I didn’t want to leave her all
alone. But after so much sermon, promising me that she’s
well already, I agreed to go back to ife. Her words kept
ringing in my hears “Don’t do anything that you will regret.”
“I really hope I don’t regret everything I’ve done with
Sandra.” I thought to myself. As I was going back to school, I
decided to put the whole affair with Sandra behind me by
opening up to Moji.
The following day, I took the only back pack I brought, said
‘bye’ to my mum, and went back to school. It was an easy
journey. It seemed faster than all others. When I got to my
room, my roommates were very happy to see me. . .
Mayowa: How’s mummy’s health now? Hope she’s alright?
Me: Yes she is. In fact, she said I should greet you guys.
Emeka: Omo no be small tin o. Wen I no see you for like two
days, I think say you don die ni. I don dey reason am say
how Sandra wan do naw, d girl go miss you if you die o.
Me: God forbid, I no go die in Jesus name.
Emeka: Wait o, Mayowa talk say that girl wey den dey call
Moji follow you go house go see your mama, guy you don
marry be dat o. Na mother-in-law to daughter in law
introduction you do so.
Mayowa: No mind the guy, soon now you go dey talk say
you no like the girl. Girl wey be say you don carry go show
your mama.
Me: Guys, you know the funniest thing? Thank God Moji
followed me. She was the one that donated blood to my
mum. The case would have gotten worse
Emeka: Na lie! She give your mama blood? This girl don win
your mama already. In fact, na she you go marry. You no get
I was just laughing as Mayowa and Emeka were pulling my
legs. Olu was not in the room that day, it would have been
much worse. I had really missed those guys, and I kept
teasing Emeka especially to talk more.

Later in the evening, I called Moji that I was in school
already. She was really surprised as she thought I would stay
with my mum quite longer. I made up my mind to tell her
the whole truth that night, I decided to conquer my fears. I
told her to come and meet me at Anglomoz. That was
around 9pm. She came and we started talking. . .
Moji: I never knew you would come today, I thought you
would stay with mummy quite longer.
Me: She told me she didn’t want me to miss lectures.
Moji: Why didn’t you tell her that I was writing all the notes,
and making photocopies for you.
Me: (If I had told my mum that, it would only have
confirmed what she said) It skipped my mind.
Moji: Anyway, if she is really okay now, then no problem.
Me: Yes. Eeeeer Moji, there is something I want to tell you.
Moji: There he goes again, I really hope you say it this time.
Because I can’t wait to hear it.
Me: I hope you won’t. . .
Moji: (Interrupts) Stop that, I won’t kill you, I won’t do
anything, just say it Dapo, please. I’m all ears. Say it!
Me: Moji, the thing is. . .

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