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Painful Pleasure (Episode 28)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

I followed her to see where she was going. She went straight
to the payment section. She asked the woman a question,
the woman nodded her head to say ‘yes’, then Moji brought
out her ATM, while the woman brought out POS. The woman
then gave her a receipt. It was then I understood the whole
thing. Moji just paid my mother’s hospital bills. Moji
discovered that I had been watching. So she came straight to
me and stretched the receipt to me. “Please, show the
doctor”. She said. I took the receipt, on it stuffs like “Mrs
Omisakin, 30,000 Naira only etc.” were written. I was so
surprised, I didn’t know what I could say. I’m so indebted to
Moji. But the question is: How come Moji has such amount
in her account? I wanted to ask, but I didn’t. Her parents are

We waited at reception, and about two hours later, a nurse
came that my mum wanted to see me. I was so excited, Moji
and i rushed into the ward that she was. I saw her lying on
the bed. Her eyes were opened. “Maa mi, you really scared
me. I am so glad you regained consciousness.” I said to her.
She replied me, and her voice was somehow faint. ” Ma binu
oko mi, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just in my shop,
trying to park. That’s all I could remember.” She said. She
noticed Moji who had been silent all the while, looking at d
mother-son movie. “Who is this? She asked. “Mummy, this is
Moji, my course mate in school. Thank God she came with
me. You had blood transfusion, it was her that donated
blood, otherwise the worst might have happened. And
number 2, she paid all your bills. That’s about 30,000.” I
explained to my mum. “Ah, thank you my daughter, I’m so
greatful. Thanks for saving my life. E se eku inawo o.” She
thanked Moji. “Don’t thank me ma, I just did what I had to
do ma. Thank God you’re fine now ma”. Moji said. “I’m very
fine now, in fact I’m going home now.” My mother said. “No
o, you are not going anywhere, doctor said you will have
bed rest for two days.” I said to her.
My mother had a long conversation with Moji, and it was
really funny. She asked questions about her parents and the
job they are doing. I knew she was saying all that because
she was surprised how an undergraduate can settle 30,000
Naira bill.

Her dad was the chief auditor in a big company that had
their headquarters in Ibadan. Moji is the only child of both
parents. They always give her whatever she asks for. Her
monthly allowance was almost 40,000 Naira. She was able to
pay the bill, because she saves money a lot and she isn’t
extravagant or showy. Moji is from a very rich family, but
you can’t know unless you are really close to her. She just
told my mum her dads job. Since my mum didn’t ask for
other details, she didn’t go into facts about her allowance.
I advised Moji to go back to ife the following day. That day
was Friday, and the following day would be Saturday. Moji
told me that since its a Saturday (the next day) that she
would just go on Sunday, then continue lectures on Monday.
We agreed, since her view was only logical.
Moji and I slept, at the hospital that night. I would have
taken her home, but I’m so shy of our house which wasn’t
really attractive. She really went through a lot, because the
mosquito’s there were so strong.
It was Saturday morning. It was Mayowa’s call that woke me.
I had totally forgotten that I didn’t say bye bye to them
before traveling to Ibadan. I was really disorganised that day
and I left so early. No one could have seen me when I left. I
felt so bad about what I did to my roommates. I picked the
call. . .

Mayowa: Guy, where have you been since the day before
yesterday? I’ve been trying your number and it wasn’t
reachable. You got us so worried.
Me: Mayowa I’m really sorry, my mum was seriously ill. Moji
and I had to rush to Ibadan as early as 5am yesterday.
Mayowa: (He was surprised when he heard that Moji went to
Ibadan with me.) Moji? Anyway how is your mum’s health
now? Me: She has gotten better. Thank you. Please Mayowa,
I need to go now. I’ll call you later in the day.
Mayowa: Alright guy. Take care of yourself, your mum and
Moji o (laughing)
Dapo: Alright bye.
The Saturday morning, Moji had been bitten by mosquito’s,
so I decided to take her to my house at night. So that she
can sleep comfortably to an extent. We went to my mum’s
ward. We played with her till around 4pm. Moji and I went
to buy her food. (Don’t bother to ask who paid). And she ate
then around 8pm, I told Moji we were going to sleep at
home then she agreed. We said bye to my mum, and we
went straight to my house.

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