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Painful Pleasure (Episode 26)

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Sandra’s problem was becoming rather unbearable for me.
She was always stalking me, and she was really irresistible.
What made me put myself into the whole mess was the
misconception I had about Aramide which turned out to be
nothing but a mirage. But then, the whole issue has been
resolved, I didn’t seem to be able to come out of the
pleasure that was having a grievous effect on my soul.
The friendship between Aramide and I suffered a downturn.
Aramide started avoiding me. I could not even look her in
the eyes after calling her all those dirty names. Even if it was
her, I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I was really
disappointed, and I really blew a fuse, I really overreacted.
My little affair with Sandra had really affected my
academics. I did not seem to grab things easily anymore.
Because each time I opened my books to read, all I could
see was Sandra. I discovered that I needed help, then I
decided to tell Moji the whole truth about my affair with
Sandra. I would have told my roommates but what else can I
expect from such people than encouragement to continue.
On a Thursday evening, Moji and I had a stroll to a quiet
place, I told her I wanted to tell her something important.
When we got to a spot, we sat and I started talking. . .
Me: Moji, there is something I want to tell you.
Moji: I know, that’s why we are here
Me: Moji, I want to say this with all sincerity from my heart,
because it’s a feeling I’ve been having due to things
happening in my life. If I tell you this, hope it won’t change
the way you see me?
Moji: Tell me anything, I’m all ears
Me: And if it turns out that you’re hurt with what I’m about to
tell you, please remain my friend. Because you’ve done a lot
in my life, I appreciate it, and I don’t want anything to come
between us.

Moji: (loosing her patience) What is it you want to say, just
tell me, I’m listening to you.
Me: I am in . . . ( A phone call interrupted what I wanted to
say, it was an unknown number) Please let me pick this call.
Moji: Alright, No problem
Me: (I picked the call) Hello, good evening who am I
speaking with please?
Voice: Good evening, are you Mrs Omishakin’s son?
Me: Yes I am. How may I help you?
Voice: Your mother was rushed to this hospital now. She
collapsed in her shop, (I was already losing control) and was
rushed to our hospital. She is here as I speak. Your number
was the only relative’s number we found on her phone,
because she saved it with “my son”. We want to have a word
with you, please come to St Peter’s hospital as soon as
Me: No!!! What happened to my mum? Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!
(The call went off, I tried calling the number, and it wasn’t
reachable. Moji knew what was going on)
Moji: What happened to mummy?
Me: (Panicking) I don’t know too, the guy said she slumped
in her shop and collapsed. I’m going to Ibadan tonight (That
was around 10pm)
Moji: Please Dapo, we can’t get a bus tonight, let’s go
Me: I need to see my mum (shouting). Wait did you say we?
Moji: Yes I’m going with you. We have just one class
tomorrow. We will surely stab the lecture. We will go
through all this together okay? We’ll pull through. I’m here
for you. Just calm down and let’s leave by 5am tomorrow

After so much pleas by Moji, I finally agreed, I was so
We went to the hostel to sleep but I couldn’t sleep all night. I
kept looking at my watch as it was really slow. “I hope
nothing bad has happened to my mum? Lord please protect
my mum.” I was thinking all through the night. That was
indeed the longest night of my life. When it was 5, Moji was
already at Anglomoz car park. Moji paid for the whole
journey. I started thinking back and forth “So God wants to
use my mum’s life to punish me for sleeping with Sandra?” I
thought to myself. The journey was so long. We left ife
around 6am. We got to Apata around 8am.
We went straight to St Peter’s. When we got there, we
entered straight into the doctors office. The nurses were
trying to restrain us but the doctor told them to leave us. . .
” I’m Mrs Omisakin’s son, please where is my mother what
happened to her?” I said with so much fear. “You must be
Dapo, your mum kept mentioning your name”. The doctor
said. This time around I had totally lost control. I shouted so
loud in tears. “Doctor where is My mother?!” The doctor
looked at me with pity, and said. “Mr Dapo, I’m very sorry. . .

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