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Painful Pleasure (Episode 24)

Saturday, 23 June 2018

I was really angry. The next day, I went for classes, but I
discovered that I had lost concentration. I decided to share
the problem with Mayowa, Olu and Emeka. At least, a
problem shared they say is half solved. I narrated the whole
story to them, and the conversation was as expected.
Mayowa: ‘Idiota Oponulensis’ didn’t I tell you that the girl is
nothing but a pretender. I told you but you wouldn’t listen.
You were just fooling around for nothing all the while. These
church girls are not always what they claim. So have you
learnt your lesson now? Next time, when I talk to you, you
will listen.

Me: (I felt so bad) It’s not my fault now, the so called love I
have for her is what blinded me.
Emeka: (You should trust him naw) Abeg, make una calm
down. The Aramide matter no pain me o, girls don craze tae
tae. But watin dey baffle me be say all the programme wey
una dey gather go na fake too? Na dat part I no understand.
Olu: It was all drama joor, those bad girls will do anything to
get a good guy.
Emeka: Wait o, Dapo you don craze o. You drink high, con go
f**k olosho for guest house. Me self wey dey final year, na
inside Agric I dey run tins. If for part one, u don dey f**k for
guest house, when u reach part 4, na also rock u go dey go
o. Patience Jonathan must surely hear am for your hand o.
Olu: The guy don bad die.
Mayowa: The guy don dey alright now. Hin dey fumble
Me: That Sandra girl bad die, she just dey do tins wey I no
even sabi.
Olu: I talk say make you gimme dat girl, u no wan gree.
Emeka: Olu, watin dey do u self, wat of dat girl wey dey waka
like who wan die, dat one never do you?
Olu: I just dey whine am ni o. Me self get girls wey I never
even handle finish. . .
Those guys succeeded in encouraging me and pushing me
into more of the act. I started going to bars with Mayowa, I
started drinking and smoking. I totally stopped going to

My cracked phone was a big disappointment. How would I
be so angry to crack my one and only bb tour? I went to
Sandra in the usual place, and when I got there, she kissed
me for over 20 minutes. We should get an award for the
world longest kiss. Then she said to me. “I have a surprise
for you.” She blindfolded me. I was so scared, because
Sandra was really crazy and could do something stupid. She
then put a nylon in my hands. I didn’t see it, but I felt a box
in the nylon. Sandra removed the cloth. Guess what it was, it
was a brand new Samsung android, just like the one she was
using. I was so glad. I kissed her so passionately and as a
token for appreciation, ‘it’ happened again. Then we left the
I was so eager to show my roommates. I showed it to them,
they were so surprised. “Her papa na Obama?” Emeka said.
The phone was so nice, it was so cool. My blackberry had
cracked. The phone came when I really needed it. I was so

Moji saw the new phone, and asked me how I got the phone.
I told her a friend got it for me. I saw unbelief in her eyes,
but she didn’t ask me anymore questions. I felt bad that I
was hiding stuffs from Moji, but how will I bring myself to
tell her that a girl I’m sleeping with bought the phone for
me. Moji had done a lot for me. I felt so bad hiding things
from her.
The affair continued between Sandra and I. She was always
taking me out, buying me drinks. And after all that, we would
make out. My christian life got totally down. I kept doing that
ungodly act. In a way, it keeps me happy, and make me
forget the disappointment and heartbreak I experienced
with Aramide. But in the other way, whenever I think about
my mum, and how much she has done for me, I can’t help
but feel bad for what I was doing. That didn’t make me stop
it after all.
Aramide didn’t stop calling me, I didn’t pick her calls. But on
the 8th day of the whole incident, I just decided to hear what
she had to say to me.

Aramide: Hello Dapo, I’m so glad you picked my call today.
But why did you react that way. As a child of God, you
shouldn’t react that way in situations like this.
Me: Look at idiot o, you are such a w---e, so you did all the
coming to church because you just wanted to sleep with me.
You b---h!!!
Aramide: Stop that Dapo, the Bible says “let no corrupt
communication proceed out of your. . .”
Me: (I didn’t let her finish) Shut up!!! I just believed that the
devil knows the bible too you know what, I’m done with this
Aramide: Dapo I’m. . . (I ended the call)
This time I was really angry but I dropped my Samsung in
my chest pocket to avoid stories that touch the heart. The
phone vibrated. It was a message from Aramide. I opened it,
abd it read “Dapo, we need to see and talk, I AM A TWIN”.
Was she lying or she was being sincere? 

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