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Painful Pleasure (Episode 22)

Saturday, 23 June 2018

As she picked the call, what I heard was “so you still have my
number?” That’s Sandra for you, she says it the way she sees
it, she doesn’t form. . .
Me: Sandra, you see I’ve been very busy with school work,
practicals and all. It’s been very tiring. Biko, ma binu.
Sandra: I would have called you but I just wanted to give you
time to miss me.
Me: Seriously, it really worked, I’ve been thinking about you
all day, so I just decided to give you a call.
Sandra: (She laughed) Anyway, what are you doing tonight?
Me: Nothing really. (I had forgotten that I had to go pray-
reading with Aramide) Why did you ask?
Sandra: I’m going for TGIF party at ‘NEW BUKA’ later in the
evening, if you don’t mind, we can go together.
Me: (Stammering) Hem hem eer, the thing is I’m really broke
right now, and I can’t afford to go there. Maybe some other
time, I’ll call you so we can go.

Sandra: See this guy o, who told you to hold money, I’m
paying for the whole thing.
Me: (Surprised) Really, Sandra thank you so much, you are a
darling. You are such a wonderful girl.
Sandra: Hmmm, if you say so. I’ll call you by 10pm, anyway
thanks for the call.
Me: Are you whining me? I should be thanking you for the
kind gesture.
Sandra: I’ll call you joor, bye (She ended the call)
It was when I dropped the call that it occurred to me that I
had to see Aramide that night so we could pray, and go read
afterwards. I was so puzzled. “Should I call Sandra that I
won’t be able to make it? Or call Aramide that I won’t be able
to make it?” I pondered on it for about two hours, and could
not decide on what to do.
As I was wondering, a call came in, who was it? It was Moji.
She called to tell me that we had ‘zoology practical’ by 1pm. I
had forgotten totally about the practical. I went for the
practical which lasted for about 2 hours. I didn’t really
concentrate during the practical, my mind was just
processing different lies I could tell one of the two. Moji
noticed that I wasn’t myself so she came to me. “Are you
sure you are fine?” She asked me. “I’m totally fine.” I

The practical was over, I left the venue, took a bike, and
went straight to the hostel. On a normal day I would have
waited for Moji, but she is very observant and I won’t want
to lie to her again.
When I got to the hostel, I decided to call Sandra and tell her
that I won’t be able to go for the party anymore. As I picked
my phone to call Sandra, the process was interrupted by a
call. It was Aramide. I picked the call, quite surprised. . .
Me: Hello Mide, whatsup naw.
Aramide: I’m not feeling to well, and I won’t be able to come
to the prayer meeting tonight. You can just pray in your
hostel. I pray that by tomorrow, I would have gotten better.
Me: (I was very excited, but I was trying to hide it) Eeyah,
please take good care of yourself, and rest well. I will check
on you tomorrow dear.
Aramide: Alright dear, take care too. Bye (she ended the call)

I was so excited as I thought all my problems were solved. I
took my best T-shirt wore it when Sandra called me. With a
nice pair of Jean-trousers and shoes. I went to Anglomoz,
and saw her. Her make-up shows that she was ready for me
that night. She is a very tempting lady, when I saw her that
night, I was ready to give her whatever it takes. I was ready
to show her I’m a man just like Emeka said. We walked
slowly to new buka. As we were going gently, Sandra kept
coming close to me just as if she was going to enter into me.
The more she drew close to me, the closer i drew to her. It
was indeed a ‘do me I do you’ affair. Before I knew it, my
hands were round her waist, and we were walking to new
buka like the couples that we were not.
Finally, we got to new buka. When we got there, guess who I
saw drinking and dancing with different guys. . .
Who did he see? It might not be who you are thinking

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