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Painful Pleasure (Episode 21)

Saturday, 23 June 2018

The friendship between Mayowa and I was put to test.
Mayowa didn’t like Aramide, he isn’t Godly. His name
“Oluwamayowa” which means “God brought joy” shows his
background. “Adedeji Oluwamayowa Samuel”. Samuel is his
baptismal name which means he had been baptized. But all
he does is to party, go to bars, drink and get high, and sleep
around with girls in corners of campus. He wasn’t a lover
boy like me. He is quite handsome anyway, and he had been
in the game way before he came on campus.

I really liked Mayowa, because looking beyond the fact that he wasn’t
really Godly, he was very nice. So I had to talk to him to sort
out our differences. It was so difficult making that decision
because there is no way I would be close to him and not
copy some of his evil ways. I talked to him about Aramide,
and he said to me. “I know say u no dey religious, so u are
only doing all this because you want to sleep with that girl?” .
. . Then we had a long conversation.
Me: I never said I want to sleep with her, I just said I love
Mayowa: If you love her then you can marry her?
Me: I’m lookin forward to it.
Mayowa: So when you get married, won’t you guys have s-x?
Me: That will eventually happen. But that’s not why I love
her, I just love her because she has a pure heart and that’s

Mayowa: Stop being a fool dude! No woman on earth has a
pure heart, even my mama no get pure heart. You need to
be smart, and step up your game.
Me: Okay, but the first time I saw her I felt a kind of bond. I
just know she is the one for me. I just know it.
Mayowa: There he goes again. You know what, if you won’t
listen to what I have to tell you, then this conversation is
over. Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. I’m solidly
behind you
Me: Mayo, just try and understand me, you are saying all
these because you have never been in love.
Mayowa: (looking at me, and talking gently like my mum) It’s
true I haven’t been in love before, the same way I haven’t
seen a dinosaur before. Because both don’t exist. You can’t
afford to limit yourself with that feeling that is just virtual,
you still have a long way to go. You need to have fun. It’s like
having a DSTV and watching just one station, you will surely
get bored. At some point, you have to change channels.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you o (He left the room)
I was so deep in thought as I meditated on what Mayowa
had told me. Everything sounded kind of right. Nothing
seemed wrong with what he said. I didn’t want to do it
anyway, because the outcome might be unbearable for me. I
continued the whole stuff with Aramide. Praying-reading

Moji remained very nice to me. She had been buying me
stuffs and giving me food. I would go, get the food at
Anglomoz with Mayowa. Moji and I became so close that I
told her everything about my past. She was so sad. I told her
about the condition at home. She was really kind to me. She
was really nice to me. She is a really good girl, but Aramide’s
love had so blinded me that I couldn’t see anything coming
forth from that relationship than friends. In fact, I made
Moji very close friend, I call her always and tell her stuffs I
can’t even tell Mayowa. Soon, Moji became my best friend.
She was such a good person to me. She’s a really nice

I was on my bed one Friday morning, I had forgotten
already that Sandra even exist. So I just decided to give her
a call. I called her first number then it was switched off.
Thank God she had two numbers. I called the second one it
rang then she picked it.

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