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Painful Pleasure (Episode 20)

Friday, 22 June 2018

“Do you have a consistent prayer life?” She asked. When I
heard the question, it was as if I had been dreaming all the
while. What I thought the question would be was “do you
love me?” But come to think of it, how can a girl I’m meeting
for the second time ask me such question? My love for
Aramide had probably affected my psychology. Even if she
was so cheap, she couldn’t have asked that question so
soon. Even Sandra can’t ask such question. She discovered
that I was thinking for too long, then she broke the silence. .

Aramide: Why are you quiet? You really don’t have a prayer
life. Do you?
Me: (I was quite bewildered) Actually, I do have a prayer life.
But it hasn’t been really consistent since I came to school.
You know Awo is not really a place you can pray
Aramide: Prayer isn’t about being convenient. Its a sacrifice
you make in and out of convenience. As a Christian, prayer
is very important. This is because God is our father, and
without communication, we can’t have a good relationship
with him. And the only way to talk to God is through prayer.
Me: That’s very true. You told me you both want to ask me
something and tell me something, you’ve asked your
question, what did you want to tell me? (Hoping for some
‘good news’.)
Aramide: You know what? For the past 3 days, I’ve been
going to the sports complex to pray. And if you don’t mind
we can become prayer partners.
Me: (I didn’t really like religious activities, but agreeing will
make me closer to the one I love) Why not? I would really
love to.

Aramide: If that’s the case, give me your number. So I can
call you when I’m going.
Me: Alright then. . .
We exchanged numbers, and later on, we got a bus. Her
hostel was Alumni, she got off the bus when she got to her
hostel. “I will call you” She said.
I got to my hostel and told Mayowa the whole story. He
made jest of me, and told me that he had warned me earlier
about church girls. No matter what he said, I was still going
to go anyway. If praying would make me closer to the one I
love, I decided to become a prayer warrior.
The following day? Aramide called me as she promised and
we went to pray together. We prayed for almost an hour.
That was around 8pm-9pm. That became our regular
praying time after which we will go to read. Aramide taught
me a lot of things (not academics). I really gained a lot from
being her prayer partner. We were always together from
8pm till 12am everyday. My academics and spiritual life took
a new turn.

That made me love her so much, I was literarily burning with
passion. “But what if I tell her and she decides to stop being
my prayer and reading partner? How will I forgive myself? It
is better to keep mute and not lose her, than to to tell her
my feelings for her and lose her. If she should tell me “NO”,
our relationship and closeness can never be the same.” I
thought to myself.
So I decided to keep my feelings for Aramide to myself, and
keep it strictly on friends basis. Though it was really painful,
but I had to learn to control myself.

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