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Painful Pleasure (Episode 18)

Friday, 22 June 2018

To my surprise, it was Moji. That was around 6pm. “Why
exactly is she calling me?” I said to myself. I picked the call. .
Me: Moji, whatsup naw, so good to hear from you.
Moji: yeah right. Where are you please?
Me: My room.
Moji: Have you eaten?
Me: (getting curious)No, not yet.
Moji: I’m cooking rice now, and I was thinking, that if you
won’t mind, I can bring you some.
Me: Seriously, that’s so thoughtful of you. I won’t mind at all.
In fact I can’t wait to taste your delicacy.
Moji: (laughing) I will call you when the food is ready, you
will come and take it at Anglomoz.
Me: Thanks so much Moji, I really do appreciate you.
Moji: Never mind, what are friends for. I will call you when
it’s ready. Bye.
Me: Bye, thanks (she ended the call).
I told Mayowa about the whole ‘package’. “I told you she
likes you, you were pretending you didn’t know. Anyway, me
i go chop o.” He said. I answered and said, “you just said this
girl likes me, what if the food she is bringing me contains
love portion, I will eat alone o so that I won’t implicate you.”
Mayowa answered immediately. “Let the love portion catch
us together o, I don dey notice say I no dey love these days,
it be like say I need love portion wey go ginger my ministry.”
We started whining each other, as we both laughed. I was
pulling his legs, and he was equally up to the task.
Some minutes after 7, Moji called me that she was waiting at
Anglomoz already. I went there with Mayowa. When we got
there, Moji was quite surprised to see that I came with
Mayowa. “You and this your friend, you are just like the snail
and it’s shell”. She said. “We are like twin brothers.” Mayowa
answered. Moji handed over a cooler to me, in a black
nylon. I opened it, it contained white rice, stew, and two fish.
“Moji, seriously you are a darling. Thank you so much.” I
said to her and gave her a hug. “You don’t have to thank me,
what are friends for? You know you told me in the morning,
that you didn’t even know what to eat tonight. I can’t hear
that and do nothing about it. That’s why I took your number
so I could call you.” Since I told moji in the morning that I
didn’t know what to eat that night, she didn’t forget about it
and brought me food. “Maybe it was my dad in action
(Yoruba beliefs).” I said to myself. I took the food, said ‘bye’
to Moji, and went back to the hostel.

We got to the hostel and saw Emeka. “You guys went to buy
food?” He asked. “No,I went to collect it from Moji at
Anglomoz.” I answered. “Who be Moji again?” He asked. “She
is a girl in my department, I met her on the bus when I was
coming to Ife.” I answered. The guy told me what just
happened is called ‘cooler ministry’. For those of you that
have been getting or giving food via cooler. What you’re
doing is what Emeka called ‘cooler ministry’. It is not bad
though, it’s totally good as long as it is done with a good
heart, both on the giving end, and on the receiving end.
Mayowa and I ate the rice, Moji is such a good cook. The
stew tasted almost like my mum’s. I felt at home for the first
time, since I came to Ife, I had been eating ‘condition rice’.
“What a wonderful girl Moji is”. I said to myself.

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