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Painful Pleasure (Episode 17)

Friday, 22 June 2018

“So what have you been eating, all the while? Do you cook?”
Moji asked me. “I cook a lot, but my foodstuffs have finished
already, I only have small garri left. I don’t even know what
to eat tonight.” I answered. “Wow, that’s serious. Please,
flash me with your number.” I was surprised at what she
said, I was telling her, I didn’t know what to eat that night,
and all she could do was to talk about something else. “She
is not my mother anyway.” I said to myself, and flashed her
as she said, and she saved my number.
“Have you gotten your practical manuals?” She asked. “No I
haven’t, I will get it from the class rep probably tomorrow”. I
answered. We talked about lot’s of stuffs, and before we
knew it I had gotten to my hostel, but we went through
anglomoz and entered my hostel through the annex. So that
we (Mayowa and I) walked her to her hostel. She really
appreciated it, as we shook hands and went our separate

As we were going into the room, Mayowa and I stated a
conversation. . .
Mayowa: Dapo, I swear, that girl like you die.
Me: (laughing) why did you say that?
Mayowa: didn’t you see the way she was looking at you,
even when the lecture was on going?
Me: I didn’t notice o. But guy wait, why you wan spoil my life,
you say make I follow Sandra up, I dey try follow am, now
this one again. What exactly do you want me to do, even if
she really likes me?
Mayowa: don’t talk like that now, Sandra is just a street girl
wey you go chop clean mouth, but this one na very good girl
Me: And Aramide?
Mayowa: Those church girls aren’t really what they claim to
be, most of them are pretenders.
Me: Well, if there is any good girl among the three of them, I
think it us Aramide and not Moji.
Mayowa: You fit no see girl wey go like you like this again o,
I don talk my own o. . .

We got to the room, and Mayowa and I had minutes of
argument, just because he said Moji is more beautiful than
Aramide. Sandra is the most beautiful, no doubt about that.
But Aramide is more beautiful than Moji. Well, beauty they
say, is in the eyes of the beholder, and Mayowa isn’t
certainly that beholder. I told him most of these things and
he was just laughing.
I was running out of cash, and didn’t even know what to eat
that night. I called my mum, and all she did was to complain
to me about how ‘hard’ things were at home, how her fruit
business was almost crumbling.
I sat on my bed, I was so depressed. I didn’t tell anyone
what I was going through. In fact, only Mayowa knew I had
lost my father. I was deep in thought, then my phone rang.
Guess who it was!

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