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Painful Pleasure (Episode 16)

Friday, 22 June 2018

When we got to the class, what Abdul told us turned out to
be true. We got to the class 7:55am, and the whole ‘lecture
theatre’ was filled to the brim. Some people sat on the floor,
while others were standing, holding their notes.
The lecturer was not around yet, so the place was so rowdy.
People were walking up and down, looking for empty,
unnoticed seats. Mayowa and I joined in the quest. This
quest was for people who didn’t want to sit on the floor, or
stand all through. As we were going to the front, looking
around, someone was waving at me, it was my FDF (Moji).
I went to her, and she offered me a seat, right in the third
row. I managed to ‘enter’, managing the space with mayowa
“You kept the sit for me?” I asked her. “No, not exactly, I kept
it for my roommate, who later decided to sit at the back with
her friends, she said she doesn’t like sitting in front. When I
just saw you, I decided to give my FDF the seat.” She
answered. “That was thoughtful of you.” I said. “Yeah right!”
She answered.

The lecturer came around 8:05am, and when he entered,
everywhere became as a grave yard. You could literarily
hear the sound of a falling pin. The man started by
welcoming us to the university system, as he laughed at
those sitting down on the floor. He told us he is also a
graduate of OAU, and during his time it wasn’t that bad.
He welcomed us to the course ‘CHM101’, he was successful
in planting the seeds of fear in our hearts after telling us the
high percentage of people that do fail the course, and cases
of people who had extra sessions just because of this
course. He discovered that he had only succeeded in causing
panic, he told us that it’s not that difficult, all we had to do
was to study well, and everything was going to be fine. Now,
everyone became a bit relieved, then he started taking the

Since it was the first class, he just gave us the course outline
and recommended some texts. He talked about ‘readings’
and ‘errors’, and before we knew it, it was 9:00am already,
and we had to end the lecture, as some students of ‘arts and
humanities’ were already waiting outside to use the same
venue for their lecture.
The lecturer ended the class, and everywhere was conjested,
about 1500 people were trying to exit the hall, while about
750 were trying to come in. “You didn’t even call me at all,
after I fixed your phone.” Moji said to me as we were slowly
moving to the exit. “Why didn’t you call me too?” I shifted the
blame briskly, I had forgotten that I didn’t give her my
number. “You didn’t give me your number, it was your
phone I fixed, you didn’t get to fix mine”. She said to me.
Now it occurred to me that I didn’t give her my number.
“Oya ma binu, I totally forgot.” . . This time, we had gotten to
the exit. We continued the conversation, as we were going to
the hostel. Mayowa wasn’t angry with the whole thing in
anyway. in fact, he was joining in the conversation the little
way he could. . .

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