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Painful Pleasure (Episode 15)

Friday, 22 June 2018

I got to my room, and I met Mayowa, already sleeping. I just
went straight into preparing for the next day’s work. Mayowa
had cooked ‘condition rice’ before sleeping. So I ate, then I
tried sleeping too. It was then my phone rang, it was my
mum. That was the second time she was calling me since I
resumed school. I was so happy to hear from her. I
apologized to her for not calling her earlier, I told her I have
been busy with registration activities.

She told me a lot of things, and repeated the ‘Ranti Omo Eni
Ti o n Se’ speech. But what surprised me the most was that
this time around, more emphasis was laid on ‘No 3’ of the
list. She kept on telling me to be careful with girls, maybe
she had seen some things in the realm of the spirit
concerning me. I thanked her, and told her, I won’t let her
down, then she ended the call.
Lectures were going to start the following day, it was going to
start with an ‘8 o’ clock’ chemistry class which would last for
an hour. Abdul told us (Mayowa and I) to get to the venue as
early as 6:30, or else, we won’t get a sit. We considered it as
an exaggerated fact, how can we go for a class, 1 hour, 30
minutes earlier.

Mayowa started the ‘church-gist’ in the evening around 8pm.
He told Emeka and Olu how I was behaving like a ‘church-
freak’. Those ones, blamed me too, they said I should have
followed him when he said he was coming to the hostel,
after all we went together. Mayowa started talking about
Aramide, how I was talking to her, about music, and he had
to leave, since he didn’t like music talks. Emeka was
surprised that I was talking to a girl again. “Guy, you be
woman rapper o, you never even finish Sandra patrol, you
don dey start another one.” Emeka said to me. “Watin be the
girl name self?” He asked. “Aramide” I answered. I didn’t tell
them I have fallen in love. We talked till around 12am, and
We woke up around 7am, we rushed up and by 7:45am, we
left the hostel for the Chemistry class.

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