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Painful Pleasure (Episode 10)

Friday, 22 June 2018

As we got the stage, everything just went dark and silent, all
the halogen lamps went off and the sound system stopped
working. The generating plant had gone off, what happened
to it, I really can’t understand. Some guys said they had seen
a guy roaming around that area earlier. Probably, the guy
poured salt into the fuel tank. But why exactly would he
have done that? Well it’s a ‘win win’ for me.

Well, everything had gone ‘blank’, so I had to humbly leave
the stage. Sandra was already leaving the stage as I followed
her. Mayowa was nowhere to be found, I thought he ran
away immediately the lights went out, since he was at the
verge of being slapped earlier. I can’t be more thankful for
the whole ‘black out’. Was I really going to kiss a lady in front
of people, expecting them to clap? “The only time that
should happen is on my wedding day, even my mum will
clap.” I thought to myself.
People started leaving ‘anglomoz’, some were condemning
the party, some were blaming the organizers. Some called
the party a ‘flop’. All efforts to bring the generator back on
was to no avail.
I just stayed with Sandra, at one corner in Anglomoz area.
We were just ‘gisting’ in the dark (That was around 2am). By
the time we talked to a point, the whole of Anglomoz was
already scanty, and there were few people there. She was
such a saucy girl, a talkative. We ran out of things to discuss,
so we were quiet for a while.

Sandra broke the silence. “You wanna complete the game or
pay the fine ?” She said. I was quite confused because I
didn’t know she was referring to the ‘kiss-slap’ game. So I
asked, “what are you talking about?” She replied briskly
before I could even finish my question. “The devil’s basket of
course”. My heart beat became 10 times faster, as I didn’t
know what she was up to. But I just remained ‘the man’. “It’s
just me here, and you have to slap someone and kiss
another. How on earth do you want to go about that?” I
asked, pretending to be cool with the whole situation. “Wait
till you find out.” She answered. . . She stood up stood up,
and went to a pole very close to where we sat, and slapped
the pole twice with her left hand. “That’s the slap, now the
kiss.” She said coming closer to me. A part of me was saying
“do it!” and another was saying “don’t”. The closer she came,
the more confused I was. . .

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