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Saturday, 12 May 2018

It was 3:00am in the morning, and the air was filled with the sounds of shouts and screams as a surprise attack was made on Paris.

Enemy soldiers stormed the town, burning some buildings, leaving others.

Their orders had been to leave the town with as little need to repair as possible. But get to the castle and destory everyone in it.

The Musketeers standing at the gates and all castle entrances fought as hard as they could, but the enemy kept coming.

The Queen looked out of the window and shook her head. “It’s hopeless. We’re not going to win this one”. She spun around and sprinted up the stairs, taking them three at a time.

Then she ran down the long halls into a room where a small cradle sat against the far end of the wall. The Queen ran over to the cradle and gently eased the crying infact out. “Shh”. She said clamly. “Hush”.

The child immediately quieted down at the sound of her mother’s voice.

The Queen quickly wrapped a blanket around the child, then pulled on a black cape. She walked over to a wall and pushed in a stone, then watched as a passage way entrance opened.

The shouting and clashing of swords echoed all around her as she made her way through the walls. When she came to an end that opened behind the palace stables, she slowly eased it open and listend. After making sure no one was around, she slipped out. Before she closed it back, she reached into the mechanism and pulled out one of the small gears, and forced the door closed. Then she pulled an old key out of her pocket, forced it into a hole and turned it, locking all passage way entrances from ever opening again.

Then she ran.

“There she goes!” Someone shouted. “Get her!”

The Queen cringed, then picked up speed. She knew where she was going. She just had to get there before they caught her.

She could hear several heavy footsteps behind her as she ran. Her black cape gave her a litte extra cover in the pitch black night.

“Don’t let her get away!” Someone shouted.

The queen ran into the woods, knowing that the trees would give her a little more time. She knew this area inside and out. She tore through the trees as quietly as possible. Their crashing steps just few feet behind.

The she saw it.

A tall, old building. All the lights were out because of the siege and because of the time.

She quickly dodged behind a tree, then listened as the soldiers ran past.

She let out a breath of air she had been holding as she pushed the hood off her head, then she slid down to the ground and looked down into her daughter’s face. “I don’t want to do this”. She whispered “But I have to keep you safe”. A tear rolled down her cheek and fell onto the young princess’s face.

The child began to whimper softly.

“Shh”. The queen said as she pulled the child against her, then she sang very softly:

“Come stop your crying, it’ll be alright.

Just take my hand, hold it tight.

I will protect you from all around you.

I will be here, don’t you cry”.

She gently caressed the baby’s face.

“For one so small, you seem so strong.

My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm.

This bond between us can’t be broken.

I will be here, don’t cry”.

The queen took a deep breath as more tears fell from her eyes.

“Cause you’ll be in my heart.

From this day on.

Now and forevermore”.

She knew it wouldn’t be long before those soldiers realized she wasn’t in front of them anymore. She laid her child in her lap, then reached up around her neck and pulled off a necklace that was covered in different charms. Then, she quickly pulled a couple small clasps out of her pocket and hooked the key and gear to the chain. She sighed as she slowly slid her wedding band off her finger and connected it to the same clasp that held a locked that was right in the middle of the necklace. “This holds everything to who you are”. She said as she put it around the infant’s neck, then tucked it inside the blanket. She stood up and walked around to the back door.

It was locked.

Her head jerked up as she heard the soldiers coming back, their loud shouts echoing around the area. She s----d in a deep breaths summoning all her strength and kicked a hole in the bottom of the door. “Good bye, sweet heart”. She gently kissed the child’s forehead, then slid her through the hole into the house. “I love you, always remember that”. She pulled the hood up over her head again, then ran.

She had to lead the soldiers away from her baby. Even though she knew she would probably never see her again.

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