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Monday, 14 May 2018

Matching Necklaces a

“Captain”, one of the guards whispered. “It’s the Shadow Stalkers”.

“I am aware of that!” The captain shouted. “Maybe its time for them to meet their demise”.

The first black figure yanked its sword from the ground then offered Maya a hand up.

Maya quickly accepted it, and as soon as she was on her feet, she grabbed her sword and dropped into a ready pose.

“Prepare to meet your end”. The captain growled.

The figure simply did a sweeping bow then lunched forward.

And instant later, the others had whipped out their weapons from who knows where and joined the fight.

Idina glanced over at the others. “I was having fun. How about you?”

“Actually, yes”. Rose smiled. “Shall we?”

Trista shrugged. “We did start it. And I’m not too prone on leaving things unfinished”.

Maya grinned. “Let do this!” then she and the other three jumped forward and joined in the fight.

Nate chuckled. “Way to make a guy feel useless”. Then he jumped in the fight with only his hands as weapons.

Maya yanked a sword out of one of the guard’s hands and tossed it to him. “Here you go!”

“Thank you”.

The battle lasted for several minutes till the leader of the shadow stalkers suddenly made a motion with it’s right hand.

The other shadows nodded and in barely thrity seconds all the guards were laying on the ground.

“Whoa”. Idina breathed. “They know what they’re doing?”

“Thank you”. Rose said with a cursty. “I’m afraid you saved us from certain disaster”.

The four strangers looked at each other and shrugged. Then with that they walked away.

Maya watched as they walked past. “Thank you”. She said to the leader. “You did save my life”.

The figure stopped completely then slowly turned to face the girl. A moment later it placed a thickly gloved hand on her shoulder. “Be careful”. With that it ran off and the four disappeared into the woods.

Maya’s eyebrows lurched. “What…..?”

“Come on”. Nate said. “Let’s go before sir Dufus and the circus come around”.

“Agreed”. Idina nodded then the group ran.

“Who were they?” Maya asked once they were a safe distance”.

“People call them the shadow stalkers”. Rose answered. “Because they just appear out of nowhere, as you saw”. She jumped a little with excitement. “No one knows who they are. But they just appeared one day about seventeen years ago, after Mandrake had been ruling for a year. His guards do whatever they want, so these shadows started popping up out of nowhere and putting them in their place”.

“Yeah”, Nate nodded. “Those guys are awesome”.

Maya raised an eyebrow. “Guys? Nate, they were girls. At least one was”.

“What?” Nate laughed. “No they’re not. Girls can’t fight like that”.

The four girls halted suddenly and turned to face the boy.

“Excuse me?” Idina placed her hands on her hips. “When Maya took your sword did she steal your brain too?”

Nate’s face suddenly flushed crimson. “Oh…….right”.

Maya shook her head. “I know it sounds strange but one…..spoke to me”.

Trista eyes widened. “But they never say anything to anyone!”

“What did it say?” Rose asked.

“She just said to be careful”. Maya shook her head in confusion. “I wonder what they know and who they are”.

“And why they’re chasing you”. Idina added: “What have you done? Robbed the castle treasury?”

“No!” Maya answered immediately. “They think I’m someone else! But who…….I don’t know”.

“Are you sure?” Trista asked suspiciously.

Maya crossed her arms. “The captain said I’d gotten weaker in the past twenty years. I’m only nineteen!”

Nate chuckled. “I think the captain’s twisted”, he swipped his sandy hair off his forehead. “But they’re serious. We’d better watch our backs”.

Idina nodded in agreement then turned to Maya. “So I’m guessing you hadn’t been in paris long considering they just started chasing you”.

Maya rolled her eyes. “I was in town barely ten minutes before they started chasing me. If I didn’t know better I’d say this was all a prank of Nestor Adolf”.

“Oh that man is creeeeeeepy!” Rose shivered. “How do you know him?”

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