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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Shadows Stalkers c

“Whoa”. Nate breathed as he watched her spin around, her sword swinging at lightning speed.

“You’re not kidding”. Idina chuckled.

“Hey!” Rose shouted as she came running back. “Pick on someone your own size!” She dropped into a pose, pointing her closed parasol at one of the men.

The gurad laughed. “You think you can beat me with that?”

Rose smirked. “Let’s find out, shall we”.

“Let’s”. The man thrusted at her, but in an instant her parasol popped open, his sword flew into the fabric then she popped it back close, the metal rims trapping the blade then she twisted it out of his hand.

“Tada”. Rose said triumphantly as she swung the umbrella around and grabbed the sword. “Not bad for a parasol. Huh?” then she slammed the man on the head with the object and ran to help Maya with the others.

Idina and Trista looked at each other then ran to help.

Idina yanked the cloth head band from her hair and grabbed a rock from the ground. She struck the rock in the fabric and after a few spin sent it flying into the side of one man’s helmet.

The sudden impact knocked the man out cold.

Trista yanked off her multiple layered chain necklace, which unwound was about ten feet long, folded it in half and lashed it out like a whip.

“You’re not as strong as you were twenty years ago”. The captain growed.

“I wasn’t even born then!” Maya retorted as she blocked a blow.

“Of course you were”. The man sneered. “You can’t pull one over on me again”. Their swords locked and he grabbed her arm. “My order is for you to be eliminated”.

“Let me go!” she hissed.

“And eliminate you is just what I’m going to do”. With that the captain shoved her back, sending her sprawling on the ground.

“Good bye”. With that he brought his sword down on her………but it never reached it’s mark as another blade swung down, the tip burrowing into the ground and the blade blocking the captain’s blow.

Maya slowly looked up to see a black cloaked figure standing over her holding the protective sword.

The captain frowned as he quickly stepped back and the figure straightened and three more black cloaked figure dropped from the rooftops and landed beside the first, all in various stances.

“The Shadow stalkers”.

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