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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Shadows Stalkers b

“Any luck finding your neclace?” Miss Lonny asked that afternoon when Maya returned.

“No”. Maya shook her head. “It’s gone”.

“Must have been pretty important”.

“It was”. Maya leaned back against the counter. “It’s the only connection I had with my real family”.

Miss Lonny dropped the pan she had been holding and spun around. “Oh Honey, I am sorry”.

Maya smiled. “It’s allright. I think I can remember what was mainly on it”. She rolled her eyes. “But that was a lot of charms”.

Miss Lonny stared at her. “Do that again”.

“Do what again?”

“Roll your eyes”.

Maya raised an eyebrow but obeyed.

“I knew it”. The woman shook her head. “You sure look like a high powered person, like someone I used to know. I was a teen then, I think. But I cannot place it”.

Just then, Idina walked into the kitchen. “Miss Lonny, I brought that papers for you….Oh hey”.

Maya sent her a quick wave. “Hi”.

“Oh, you two know each other?” Miss Lonny asked as she took the papers from the new arrival.

“We’ve met”. Idina answered.

“Oh that’s nice”.

Right at that moment Trista walked into the room. “Miss Lonny, I was told to tell you that….Oh it’s you”.

Maya shook her head. “Always was”.

Trista huffed. “The curtains are in the lobby”.

“Thank you, Dear”. Miss Lonny smiled. “I’ll go take care of them right…….”

“MISS LONNY!” Someone shouted as the front door banged open. “MISS LONNY!” then Rose slid into the kitched. “They’re coming!”

“Who’s coming?” Miss Lonny asked.

“The guards! The castle guards!” Rose said around gasps of breath. “They’re coming here after Maya!”

“Lock the front door! And block it”. Miss Lonny said quickly and Idina ran to obey. “Maya, do you have somewhere you can go?”.

“No”. Maya shook her head. “Only the Orphange and they’ll look for me there first”.

“What can we do?” Rose asked quickly.

Trista reluctantly sighed. “I have a grandmother who lives in the next town. We can……go there”, then she frowned. “Why are they after you?”

“If I knew I’d tell you”. Maya responded.

“You’re going to need someone who can get you there fast”. Miss Lonny said thoughtfully. “I know who! Wait here”. Then she ran off.

Just then there was a loud banging on the front door. “Lonny Dufour! Open the door before we break it down!”

Idina shook her head as she came into the room. “I’d like to see them try. Miss Lonny has that thing reinforced”.

Rose nodded. “And with your own personal touch of couches and tables, right?”

“Everything that was in the room”.

Miss Lonny returned just then. “Alright…..I’ve got you someone who knows the whole area from here to Russia like the back of his hand”.

Nate stepped into the room and smiled. “Well, Miss Maya, you are prone to trouble aren’t you?”

Maya smiled. “Hello, Nate”.

“We’re breaking down the door!” The captain of the guards shouted, immediately followed by a loud bang.

“Go, now!” Miss Lonny said. “All five of you! Go out through the cellar”.

“Thank you”. Maya gave the lady a quick hug then followed Nate to the cellar.

“How do I get myself into these situation”, Trista mumbled as she and the others followed.

Nata eased open the door to the outside. “It’s clear, let’s go”, he gave Maya a hand out of the hole then took off running, the others close behind.

“There she goes!” The captain shouted. “Get here!”

Maya shook her head and pressed ahead. “Why does this feel familiar?”.

Nate glanced at her. “Because this happened yesterday”.

Rose let out a scream and shot ahead of the others. “I’m too young to die!”

“And this is a new dress”, Trista groaned.

Maya rolled her eyes. “Really”.

“They’re closing in!” Idina called out in alarm.

Maya glanced back, it was true. The guards were way too close. Just then her attention was drawn to a sword hanging from Nate’s belt.

Her eyebrows lowered in determination and she yanked the sword out of it’s sheath and spun around.

“Hey!” Nate skid to a stop. “What are you….” He was cut off as the sound of two blades clashing together cut through the air.

“Bad choice”. The captain sneered.
Maya raised an eyebrow, her ice blue eyes flashing. “For you”. Then she shoved him back and instantly jumped into the fight as several more soldiers ran forward.

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