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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Shadows Stalkers a

The next morning, Maya woke up to see a plate of streaming food sitting beside her bed with a small note that said: You were out like a candle last night before you could have dinner. So here’s some breakfast. Enjoy. Miss Lonny.

We’ll Always Have Paris

“Good morning, Miss Lonny”. Maya greeted as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Morning doll”. The lady answered. “Sleep well?”

“Very. Thanks”. Maya followed the woman to the kitchen “You haven’t seen a necklace covered in charms laying around, have you?”

“Can’t say I have”. Miss Lonny sent her a quick smile. “But I’ll keep an eye out. By the way, what’s your name, Doll?”


“Maya. Hmm…” she shook her head. “Don’t know anyone by that name. But I swear you look familiar”.

Maya chuckled. “Apparently you’re not the only one to think so. The palace guards started chasing me yesterday thinking I was some woman who had escaped before”.

Miss Lonny snorted. “Those guards are pish-posh. They cause chaos for no reason. They’re not like the Musketeers”.

Maya cocked her head. “Musketeers? It sounds familiar but….I can’t think from where”.

“Well, you were probably just a baby when they got removed from France”. The older woman said as she started sweeping up the floor. “When king Mandrake overcame the royal family, the Musketeers were loyal to their king. They were all thrown in the dunguen and it was declared that there were to be no more Musketeers”. She chuckled. “I loved watching those strapping men riding down the street on horseback in their blue uniforms. And then there was the fe….”

“Miss Lonny!” A voice called from somewhere else in the inn.

“Oh, I have to go honey”. She quickly sat down the broom and ran off.

Maya smiled, finished sweeping the floor, then walked to the front door. She looked up and down the road. No sign of the guards.

With a small sigh of relief she resumed her search for the necklace.

“Hey you!”

Maya whirled around at the sound of the voice behind her. “Uh-oh”.

Standing directly behind her was the brunette from the previous morning. She was no longer covered in frosting but she was still angry. “You ruined my dress!” The girl snapped. “That fabric is not easy to clean!”

“I’m really sorry”. Maya insisted, slowly backing away.

“I demand you to pay for that dress!”

“I don’t have enough money for that”.


“Trista”, A dark skinned girl with black hair said as she approached. Her hair was pulled up into a low bun at the nap of her neck, she appeared to be the same age as Maya. “What’s going on?”

Trista pointed at Maya. “She destoryed my dress yesterday!”

Maya smiled sheepishly. “Is she a friend of yours?”

“No. Just an acquaintance”. The dark girl answered. “Who are you?”


She gave a short nod. “I’m Idina. I see you already met Trista”.


Trista huffed. “More like rudely ran into!”

“I told you, it was an accident!” Maya exasperated.

“Just do what everyone around here does”, Idina suggested. “Ignore her”.

Trista gasped insulted.

“Well, not totally ignore”. A voice behind Maya said gently. “But just….dismiss the fashionista attitude”.

Maya turned around to see a girl with red pigtails holding a large book in one hand and a parasol in the other, standing there.

“I’m Rose”. She said with a smile. “And you’re Maya?”

Maya nodded slightly. “How long were you here?”

“Long enough to hear what happened and your name”. Rose answered. “How old are you?”


“So are we”. Idina glanced around. “Well, I have work to do”. With that she turned and walked off.

Trista left without a word.

Rose smiled at the blond. “Like Idina said, we’re just acqaintances. But they seem nice enough….I guess”.

Maya smiled slightly. “Hey, have you seen a necklace laying around?”

“No-huh”. Rose shook her head. “I haven’t. But I’ll keep a look out”. She opened her book and sent Maya a small wave. “Bye”, then she walked away.

Maya sighed. “I guess it is really gone for good”.

Standing back in the shadows of a dark alley, a hooded figued watched as Maya walked away, still scanning the ground for her necklace.

***We’ll Always Have Paris***

“What do you mean ‘she got away’?” King Mandarke shouted. “One female managed to escape my entire army…..again!”

“She’s very fast”. The captain answered. “And the street rat, Nate, helped her”.

“Well find her”. The king growled.
“I don’t care what you have to do”.

Just then another guard came into the room. “Sire, we have recieved word that the lady spent the night at the local inn run by Miss Lonny”

“Well go and get her!” Mandrake slammed his fist down on the arm of his throne. “And do the deed right this time! Do not come back until you have caught her this time!”

“Yes, Your Majesty”. The captain bowed quickly.

“And while you’re at it. Put out a wanted request for that Nate. I want him too. Dead or alive bring the both of them here, am I understood?”.

“Yes sire”. The captian replied and walked away..

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