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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Mistaken Identity a

Maya slowly walked down the main street of the city, looking for any…..anything. She sighed and fingered her necklace. “How do I know where to start?” she shook her head in exasperation and said loudly. “That’s the problem, I don’t know!” which scored her a strange look from a passerbyer.

She hurried a little faster, not sure why an uneasy feeling was starting to come over her.

We’ll Always Have Paris

King Mandrake leaned back into the throne as Nestor Adolf entered the room “Ah, Adolf”.

Nestor Adolf shook his head as he mumbled. “Most stubborn person on the face of this earth”.


“A girl who was staying at the orphange”. Adolf shook his head. “Could bit the head off a brick mule”.

Mandrake raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Adolf just walked over to one of the large windows and pointed out to the town. “She sticks out like a sore thumb. Not many blonds around here”.

“Blond?” Mandrake stood from his throne and joined Nestor at the window. “Show her to me”.

“She’s that blond girl right there”. Adolf answered, pointing out the girl.

Mandrake grabbed the window frame with a start and his face controted with anger. “Guards!” he shouted, causing Adolf to jump.

“Yes sire!” Several guards istantly entered the room.

“I thought you said you killed the whole royal family!” The king bellowed.

“Royal family?” Nestor repeated.

“We did, your majesty”. The captain answered.

“Then who is that?” Mandrake pointed out the window. “Do you see her? Remember her?”

The captain frowned as he spotted the blond girl walking around. “But sire, I swear there’s no way she would survived that……..”

“Apparently she did!” Mandrake shouted, his voice echoing off the walls.

Adolf frowned in confusion. “But she’s been in the……..”

“And now she’s has come back!” Mandrake interrupted. “Get rid of her! NOW!”

“Yes, your majesty!” The captain quickly bowed then hurried away, shouting orders to his men as he told them what to do.

Mandrake looked out the window, a sneer on his face. “Where have you been hiding this whole time?”

*** We’ll Always Have Paris***

Maya stopped and looked around. “Alright I am completely clueless”. She lifted the locket of her necklack.
“How on earth am I supposed to…..Hey!” she cried as someone suddenly brushed past her. Knocked off balance she stumbled into a girl who was standing nearby.

With a scream the girl flew forward right into a cart that was displaying a variety of frosted sweets. In a matter of seconds the brunette was covered in multi colored frosting.

“I am so sorry!” Maya gasped. “Here, let me……”

“Comment osezvous!” The girl screeched, looking down at her long purple dress appalled.

“It was an accident”. Maya said quickly. “Someone…..”

“I don’t care!” The girl interrupted. “Just get me out of this humiliating posistion!”

“Okay”. Maya grabbed the girl’s hands and pulled her out of the m---d of pasteries, jelly and frosting.

“Oooohh!” The girl wailed, shaking the sticky frosting from her hands. “My new dress! And my hair! This is humiliating!”

Maya made an attempt at a smile. “I don’t know. I thought it was kind…..sweet”.

The girl’s eyes flashed. “Just stay away from me!” with that she spun around and stormed off.

“Whoa”. Maya breathed. “Dramatic”.

Just then she heard someone gasp nearby and a door slam shut.

She looked around curiously and watched as several people went running into any nearby building they could get to.

She frowned. “I really should have gotten out of the orhanage more often”. She tried to stop a few people and ask what was going on but everyone was too busy to answer her. But one man did pause for a second and point down the road.

“That!” he answered right he disappeared.

Maya slowly turned around and froze.

A whole troop of soldiers were matching down the road. The captain was on horse back, leading the group.

“There she is!” The captain said, pointing to her.

Everything in Maya told her to run. To hide. To do anything, but she couldn’t move as a blurry image suddenly flashed in front of her eyes.

**”There she goes!” a voice shouted. “Get her!”.

Tall dark shadows ran towards her, their heavy feet pounding, the earth, the sound of their armor clanking together with every move. Coming closer……..and closer……**

She was suddenly yanked from her reverie as a hand grabbed her wrist and the next thing she knew she was being pulled down the road quickly.

“What’s…….?” she started.

“Just run!” The young man pulled her shouted.

She grabbed a deep breath and a moment later fell into a step beside him.

“Get back here!” The captain shouted angrily.

Maya pulled her hand out of the boy’s grasp and put on a tremendous brust of speed.

“Whoa-oa!” she heard him laugh as he hurried to catch up.

“Cut them off!” The captain said to his men.

“Too late”, the young man mumbled as he once again took hold of her hand and suddenly cut sharply back into the woods.

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