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Saturday, 12 May 2018

“Maybe they couldn’t”. The older woman said gently “Honestly, from the moment I picked you off my floor, I knew you were special. There was just….something. My sister couldn’t seem to stop staring at you. I never saw her take to a child like she did to you”. She smiled “I remember when she died, she said. “Merryweather, don’t you dare let anything happen to Maya. She’s the future of Paris”.

Maya’s eyebrows lowered “What does that mean?”

“Well, every new generation is the future. I guess she meant that”.

Maya sighed “But what if……”

Merryweather laid a hand on the girls shoulder “Even if they didn’t make it, I think you want to know who they were”.

Maya nodded reluctantly “I do. But how would I find out?”

Mrs Merryweather lifted the necklace. “I believe that this holds everything to who you are”.

Maya’s face went blank and a vision of a pair of icy blue eyes flashed across her mind. She shook her head to clear it then turned to face the woman who had raised her. “Do you really think so?”

“I do”. The older woman nodded. “And I think this is your time to find out”.

***We’ll Always Have Paris***

The next morning, Maya was standing at the front door ready, well…..almost.

Mack and Jack slowly walked to where she was, each holding one of her boots.

“We’re not going to give you your shoes!” Mack cried. “Then you can’t leave!”

“Not ever!” Jack added “We won’t let you go”.

Maya smiled sadly. “I have to”. She shook her head. “+ don’t have a choice”.

Mack and Jack looked at each other then wrapped their arms more securely around the boots. “No!”

“Boys”. Mrs Merryweather said. “Give Maya her boots. We could all be in trouble. And besides, Maya’s on a mission now”.

“A mission?” the two repeated.

“A very improtant one”. She pushed them forward “Now give her the boots”.

Mack and Jack looked at each other then reluctantly held out the boots. “Here”.

“Thank you”, Maya took her boots and quickly put them on. “Well…….I guess I’m set”.

Just then all the kids in the orphanage came tearing down the hall.

“Bye Maya!” they shouted as they railed around her. “We’ll miss you!”

Maya dropped to her knees and gave each of them a hug, having a hard time holding back her tears.

After several minutes she finally stepped out of the door……with Mack and Jack clinging to her ankles.

“No! We won’t let you go!” They shouted.

Maya shighed. “I promise I’ll come visit”.

They looked up at her with soulful eyes. “Really?”

“I promise”.

After several seconds of thought, they finally released her. “Okay. Good bye, Maya”.

“Here”. Mrs Merryweather handed the girl a small sack of coins. “It’ll keep you for a little while”.

“But you need the money here”. Maya argued.

“You need it”. Merryweather smiled. “Good luck my dear”.

Maya gave the old lady one last hug. “Thank you”, then she turned and headed down the road.

Merryweather walked back to the house leaned against the door frame as she watched the girl disappear around a bend.

“Oh, Helene. If only you had told me the secrets you knew about her”.

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