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Saturday, 12 May 2018

“Mr Adolf” She returned “Mrs Merryweather already told you, you don’t get the money till next week so standing here arguing about isn’t going to help”.

She crossed her arms “Unless you want to give us the money”.

Mrs Merryweather grinned. Maya and Adolf had gotten in more than one argument in the past and Maya, well, she always won even as a seven year old.

“I will be back” The man growled, then he stormed from the building.

Mrs Merryweather smiled at Maya “Well done”.

“That man” Maya shook her head “How do they live with themselves?”

“Well, it’s not necessarily his fault” The older woman said “He’s just doing king Mandrake’s orders”. She sighed “I remember when we didn’t even have a mortage”.

Maya smiled slightly “Well, I’d better get back out to the garden before Mack and Jack recognize the broccoli”

“Have fun” Mrs Merryweather patted her arm. “I need to get lunch on”.

**We’ll Always Have Paris**

Everyone was sitting around the several large table that were situated around a large room eating lunch when a loud knock came to the door.

Maya frowned “I’ll get it”.

“Maybe I had better”. Mrs Merryweather said, raising from her seat “You stay here with the childern” then she left the room.

Everything fell silent as everyone in the dining room listened to hear what was going on. All they could hear was muffled voices. A moment later Mrs Merryweather returned with Adolf following.

“What are you doing back here?” Maya asked.

Nestor Adolf grinned smugly “How old are you, Maya?”

Her eyebrows lowered “Why?”

“Just answer him”. Mrs Merryweather said gently.


Adolf smirked “Then I’m afraid it’s time for you to leave”.

“What!?” Maya stood from her seat “What do you mean, leave?”

“You’re too old to be here in the orhanage”. The man answered.

“But she’s my assistant!” Mrs Merryweather argued “You can’t kick her out!”

“I can and I have”. He pushed a piece of paper in the older woman’s hands “I have an order right here”.

Maya fists clenched at her sides and she gritted her teeth together in attempted to curve her rising temper.

Mrs Merryweather sighed “I’m afriad we have no choice”.

“You’re to be out tomorrow”. The man informed them.

“You jerk!” Mack and Jack shouted as they jumped up from their seats and before anyone had time to register what they were doing, they ran across the floor and both laid powerful kicks into each of Adolf’s legs.

“Ow!” the man yelped “You little brats!” then he pointed at Maya “Tomorrow. That’s final” then he limped out.

Jack and Mack looked up at Maya soulfully “Sorry”.

She shook her head as she placed a hand on each of their heads “I was about to knock him unconscious”.

The twins began to sniff then buried their faces into the sides of her skirt “You can’t leave”

Maya sighed “I don’t think I have a choice”

**We’ll Always Have Paris**

Maya was laying on her bed staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe she was being forced to leave. That orphanage had been her home for as long as she could remember. And now..

She sighed and mentally began to play with the charm necklace that hung around her neck. Another thing she’d since forever. She unclasped the thing and held it up so she could see it.

It was so strange. They were different kinds of charms. Horses, a castle, a normal circle, a crown and several other things. Then she turned her attention to the locket in the center that had the wedding band with it. It was the one piece that had always struck her as curious. In the middle of the heart were two crisscrossed swords. She popped the locket open and looked at the two faded pictures inside. It was nearly impossible to tell who the people were. The only thing she could tell was that it was two couples. She snapped the locket back closed and turned it around to read the inscription on the back ‘We’ll always have Paris’. With a groan she let the locket fall from her hands “What does all these mean?”

“Maybe you should find out”. Mrs Merryweather said, stepping in the door.

Maya sat up and looked at the older woman “How?”

“I didn’t tell you this”, Merryweather said quietly “Because I didn’t want to scare you or the younger childern. But, the night you were left here, there was an attack. Several homes got attacked while others were left alone. I think it’s possible that whoever left you here was trying to protect you”. She couldn’t help but laugh a little “The person kicked a hole in my door to put you inside” she shook her head “It was that night that the royal family was killed and france was taken over by our now king, Mandrake”

“So..I might have been sent here for my protection?” Maya asked slowly.


The girl shook her head “Or, just like everyone that has ever come through here, they didn’t want me”. She picked up the locket that was around her neck and opened it “But..what if it was just to keep me safe. Is it possible..?” she shook her head again “No, if they were alive they would have come back for me..wouldn’t they?”

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