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Monday, 14 May 2018

A memory that became a Nightmare a

A stunned amazement fell over the small group as they just stared at the necklaces.

Then Trista shook her head. “That’s impossible!”

Maya raised an eyebrow “How is it impossible? Are you seeing these things?”

“It’s too…crazy!” Trista responded “Of all the people in france you can’t tell me that our motherrs knew each other then eightneen years after they died their daughters meet. It’s..”

“Fate!” Rose said quickly “Maybe we’re supposed to carry on our mother’s legends”.

“What legends?” Idina asked slowly.

“I don’t know” Rose shrugged then she jumped in excitement “Let’s make that our mission!”

Maya smiled as she put her necklace back round her neck “It’s already mine. The whole reason I’m here is to find out who my family was”.

Nate, who had been pretty much silent this whole time suddenly laughed “Hey, where’s my mother’s best friend’s son? I’m feeling a little left out here”.

Maya glanced back at him, she shook her head and chuckled “Okay…Trista, aren’t we going to your grandmother’s”.

“Well…yeah”. Trista answered slowly “But I don’t know how much of what she says you can believe. She’s a little..crazy”.

Idina raised an eyebrow “Define ‘crazy'”.

**We’ll Always Have Paris**

“Oh my, it’s been so long since I’ve had guests” Mrs Dumas stuttered as she walked around the kitchen “My last guests basically flew out of here…up the chimney”.

“I meant, crazy”. Trista whispered “It’s nearly impossible to depict the truth from her imagination”.

“Now, how can I be of help?” The old lady asked as she ushered the teens to the living room “I’m sure there’s a reason you popped in on..” She glanced up at Nate “Oh, aren’t you cute”.

“Mrs Dumas”, Maya said as she sat down “We were wondering if you could tell us about our mothers”.

“Can’t say I can be. I don’t know ya”. The old woman responded “Trista, who’s the guests?”

“I don’t know them either”. Trista responded “But apparently all of our necklaces match”.

“Really?” Mrs Dumas leaned back in the rocker.

“I had a friend once. Can’t say I know what happened to him. He just disappeared”.

Trista slapped her forehead “Grandma, you married him and he died ten years ago”.

“Oh that’s right! I pert near forget. Now were we?”

“Did Trista mother have any close friends?” Idina said slowly and carefully.

“Oh my yes. My daughter, oh yes”. Mrs Dumas nodded vigorously “She had many many many friends. Because she was a chef. Oh wait that’s not quite right”.

Trista sighed “She was a seamstress. I remember grandpa telling me that much”.

“Oh yes!”

Idina shook her head “We are going to get nowhere in this coversation”.

Mrs Dumas looked over at Maya curiously “You look familiar”.

“So everyone keeps telling me”. Maya shrugged “But who do I look like?”

“Well you see”. The older woman said. “My daughter, Viveca had three very close friends. All girls. They were all right around the same age”. She chuckled softly. “Insperable, those four. They all had the same dream and ambitions. Viveca, Amamina, Renee and…” Just then a loud whistle came from the kitchen “Oooh, tea!” and with that she got up and hurried away.

“Ooh, what information”. Idina scoffed. “I learned my mother’s name. I already knew that!”

“Me too”. Rose sighed.

Maya leaned back in her seat “Then I guess the one she didn’t say was mine. And I don’t know it”.

“Maybe she’ll finish when she gets back”. Rose said gently.

“I doubt it”. Trista answered “She’s always on a different page of a different book”.

“Well”, Mrs Dumas said as she re-entered with a tray of tea cups but no tea “Those girls, phew! They were a force to reckoned with”. She pointed at Maya “Your mother loved to fly”.

Nate’s eyebrows shot up “Alright…” then he whistled under his breath.

“What can you tell us, that’s real, about our parents”. Idina asked, enunciating her words.

“They were best friends” Mrs Dumas sighed as leaned back in her seat and started rocking gently “I still remember the day they were married. So well matched”. She chuckled softly “And oh my, you could see the love radiating off them”.

“But who is them?” Rose asked “I mean, my aunt told me some about my mother, Aramina. But there was some things she seemed scared to say. She never would say who her friends were or what she did besides ballet”.

“My guardians were the same way”. Idina agreed. “They got scared every time I started to ask questions”.

“That’s because the king forbade it” Mrs Dumas clicked her tongue “The Musketeers scared him half to death. So loyal to their king. And stubborn too”.

Trista shook her head “And she switched subjects again”.

Maya dropped her face into her hands “This is hopeless”, she suddenly jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see the older woman standing over her.

“I remember when you were born” Mrs Dumas said “It was just a sweet moment for all of france. And your parents”. She chuckled. “They were different as night and day yet still perfect”.

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