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Monday, 14 May 2018

Matching Necklaces b

“He was at the orphanage a lot”. Maya shook her head. “We were always arguing over what was right and fair”.

Trista snorted. “An orphan. Perfect. Just the preson I want to be seen with”.

May whipped around her face. “There’s nothing wrong with being an orphan……”

Trista smirked. “Oh really? I beg to differ”.

“Trista”. Idina broke in quickly. “We’re all orphans”.

Nate halted abruptly. “You are?”

Rose nodded. “That’s one thing we all have in common”. She sighed. “The night king Mandrake took over, I was left at my Aunts house and my parents never returned”. She sent him a sad smile. “I think Idina was left with a friend of her family’s and Trista was left at her grandmother’s”.

Trista crossed her arms. “But I wasn’t left at an orphange. My mother, or father, was trying to protect me. Not get rid of me”.

Maya’s fists were clenched at her sides so tight her nails were digging into her palms. “I don’t know why I was left at the orphange,Trista”. She said quietly.
“That’s what I’m trying to find out. But unfortunately the biggest key I had has disappeared”.

“Key?” Ididna spoke up. “What key?”

Maya glad to turn her attention from Trista, shrugged slightly. “I had a charm necklace that was on me when Mrs Mayweather found me. I lost it during the mad scuffle yesterday”.

Nate raised an eyebrow. “A necklace?” then he reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out a shinny gold chain covered in sparkling charms and a rusty old key and gear. “Was it this one by any chance?”

“Yes!” Maya took the object from him. “Where did you get it?”

“Found it laying on the ground and didn’t know who it belonged to”. He said with a slight shrug.

Idina took a small step forward. “Can I……see that?”

Maya handed it to her and the girl inspected it curiously. After a moment. She pulled a necklace out from around her own neck. “Is it just me or do they match?”

“I think they do……” Rose said slowly, then she quickly unclasped a chain from behind her neck and held up a necklace covered in charms. “And it looks like mine”.

“That’s odd”. Trista held up a similar necklace. “They’re almost identical”.

It was true. Most of the charms on the chains were the same and in the same order. There were just few that were different.

“That’s weird”. Maya said as she took her necklace back. “How would…..” then she lifted one of the charms that was a heart shaped leaf with a steam coming out the end and had the word ‘best’ engraved on it.

Rose gasped and held up a similar one on hers, only it was a leaf.

“I’ve got one too”, Idina said, holding up the leaf charm.

“Me…..too”. Trista said slowly.

“It looks like they go together”. Rose said. “Here”.

When the four girls put the charms together. They all just stared.

The charms created one four leafed clover that read. ‘Best Friends 4 Ever’.

Maya looked up at the other three girls in amazement. “Our mothers……”

Idina laughed slightly. “They must have been best friends!”

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