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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Eighteen Years Later

“Maya!” a voice called up the stairs “It’s time to wake up!”

A nineteen year old girl with icy blue eyes sat up. She had long curly white blond hair that had one brown streak through it “I’m awake!” she called, then added quietly “Have been for the past two hours”. She quickly pulled on her mid-calf length burgundy skirt and white shirt then pulled on a matching burgundy vest “Ok, where are my boots?” she quickly glanced around the room while pulling her hair up into a ponytail. She heard a silent laugh and smiled. “Mack. Jack. Do you have my boots?”

“No!” the four years old set of twins said, right before they took off, dragging her boots behind them.

Maya laughed softly, then ran after them. When she reached the stairs, which the twins were runing down, she jumped up onto the railng and slid past them. When she reaced the end, she flipped off and landed right in front of the stairs “Gotcha!” she grabbed the two boys and lifted them from the ground “Who’s got my boots?”

“Mack does!” Jack said

“No! Jack does!” Mack said, as he and his brother squirmed.

“Drop the boots”. Maya said “Drop the boots or I drop you”.

“You wouldn’t dare!” The twins shouted around their peals of laughter.

Maya raised an eyebrow “If you insist”. Then she dropped them. The twins screamed as they were suddenly jolted to a stop by Maya grabbing their belts.

“We dropped the boots!” Jack shouted “Put me down!”

“I still have a boot!” Mack laughed, trying to copy some evil guy “And you will never get it!”

Maya sat Jack down then lifted Mack higher knowing fully well that Jack had taken off with her other boot again “Tickle monster?”

“Oh no!” Mack gasped, his arms wrapped securely around the boot.

“Oh yes”.

“No!” Mack back to squeal and laugh uncontrollably as Maya started tickling him “Okay! Put me down and I’ll give you the boot!”

“Uh-huh. That’s what you say every time” Maya sat the boy on the ground, then watched as he took off running with her boot, doing his ‘evil laugh’, which sounded more like a chipmunk, the whole time.

Maya shook her head then walked into the kitchen “Good morning Mrs Merryweather”.

“Good morning, Maya” The older lady said “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to help me with breakfast”.

“I always help you with breakfast” Maya laughed “And, as you know, Mack and Jack took off with my boots..”

“Again” Mrs Merryweather finished with her.

Mrs Merryweather was in her mid-fifties, about five foot-five and kind of skinny.

Maya pulled several eggs from the basket hanging on the wall and started scrambling them out on the fire “I hope those boys get a good home”.

“I do too” Mrs Merryweather nodded “They deserve it all. All of the children do”. She paced a hand on the girl’s shoulder “Even you”.

Maya shrugged. “It’s too late for me. If no one wanted me when I was little, they’re not going to want me now that I’m nineteen”.

“You know, being adopted isn’t the only way to get a family” The older woman said mischeviously.

Maya rolled her eyes “Mrs Merryweather, boys are the last thing on my mind”.

“Oh, I know”. Mrs Merryweather chuckled “Would you stir the porridge, Dear?”

Maya cringed slightly “Porridge. Yes ma’am”.

**We’ll Always Have Paris**

Later that day, Maya was on her knees working in the garden, Mack and Jack not far away trying to figure out which was the carrots and which was the potatoes so they could smash the vegatable and leave the spud.

“Hey, Maya?” Mack asked, pushing his sandy hair out of his face “Will you be here forever?”

She sat back on her heels and looked over at the twins “Probably”

Jack cocked his head, his hair, which was a little darker than his brother’s, shifted across his forehead “Will we?”

She smiled slightly “I don’t know”.

“Well, we won’t mind if we are” Mack piped up the corner of his brown eyes crinkling “We like you”

Maya chuckled “I like you two too” they went back to pullng weeds.

A couple of minutes later Jack’s hoarse whisper reached her “Look, it’s the monster!”

She turned around slightly and sighed. Walking up the steps of the orhanage was Nestor Adolf, the man owned the mortage on the orhanage.

“Stay here”. She told the boys as she stood up and headed for the building “And no pulling up plants to find the carrots”.

Mack and Jack froze mid-pull on a long green stem “Aw man!”

Maya ran through the back of the door of the orhange and dusted the dirt off her hands and skirt then hurried towards the parlor.

“As usual” Mrs Merryweather was saying “We’ll have the payment next week”.

Adolf frowned “You are not making a good impression, Merryweather”.

“I can’t give you money I don’t have”. The woman said calmly “You’ll just have to wait”.

Adolf snorted “The king won’t be happy about this”.

“Well tell him to actually pay attention to when the payments are to be made”. Maya said from the doorway

Adolf turned around, his eyes narrowing when he saw her “Maya” the word came out as more of a growl than a word.

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