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Sunday, 13 May 2018

 Safe Haven is out to secure your digital assets while consoling your relatives! So as to secure your digital assets, we at Safe Haven give you the chance to do as such without locking yourself out. Seeds/private-keys/passphrases can be shared among partners or kids in a transparent and secure way. Our Protocol disseminates the shares such that the initiator keeps, at all cost, the control over his assets.


Safe Haven will alter this market as it takes care of a genuine issue in the group. We are frantically needing an answer that ensures the safe and secure section of those keys/seeds to our relatives the day that we are not around any longer additionally, we enable the client to have finish get to while he/she is still near. It would be ideal if you read our white paper or view our wiki page to thoroughly understand it.


1. Tokenization model is awesome. Bolting up tokens diminishes the supply which ought to in principle increment the value. Probability of up and coming staking model which enables users to be remunerated for holding SHA digital assets

2. Vast and intensely supported group fit for building up the item

3. Awesome media scope on various media destinations and great perceivability in general

4. All the data was exceptionally proficient and introduced in straightforward and transparent way

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Article by : Chacha100