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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The following are the reasons:

HYDRO was never on money raising  mode.

HYDRO made a solid group through Airdrops and none of the coin was sold in starting days to create stores.

HYDRO entered the market with an existing item - Raindrop 2FA

HYDRO was never intrigued to pay any Crypto trade to get HYDRO recorded. On the off chance that it would have been done like some other coins, Hydro would have earned in millions.

Hydro's vision is to surpass Google 2FA authenticator's market and they are exceptionally certain on it - hydro-2fa-app-auth-on-the-blockchain-56574d5746f0

Raindrop is guaranteed to be the principal blockchain based 2FA in the planet. That being stated, Raindrop will be the SAFEST 2FA in the planet.

A Newyork based organization and it welcomed the public couple of times to visit their office. This demonstrates their straightforwardness.

HYDRO is significantly more straightforward that it had uncovered the key individuals' personality in their website by means of linkedin/Twitter joins -

HYDRO's statement of purpose is develop and just awesome - "Our organization mission is straightforward: Create an overall biological system for better, less complex, more pleasant, more straightforward, and more affordable money related items. Hydrogen will make another computerized economy that will inspire and enable a new white collar class, bringing fintech to the majority." - Mike Kane, Co-Founder and CEO

Hydro Team presents all the new members who join the group through email Medium and Twitter. This hints at the development, administration, earnestness towards the job and their uplifting demeanor.

Hydro's Roadmap and vision are clear.

Raindrop is only one item which is getting live this week, aside from that there are 2 more items where the advancement are hitting the last stages.

Hydrogen have been welcome to join the B-Hive people group! B-Hive is the leading fintech environment in Europe, with accomplices that incorporate Allianz, AXA, ING, BNP, and Mastercard.

Hydrogen is tarting an industry consortium called FINDI - Financial Industry Decentralization Initiative! We will be bringing together new businesses, researchers, influencers, and developers to accomplish a mission of reducing the unbanked, lowering costs, and creating more prominent straightforwardness in monetary administrations globally, by adopting the energy of public blockchain.

With Hydrogen stage you can able to make the below or more with simply less effots through the straightforward pluggable API and all works in Blockchain.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Customer Onboarding






Hazard Scoring

Objectives Tracking







Business Intellegence


Investing - Robo Advice, Hybrid Advice, Brokerage, Self Directed, Wealth Management, Thematic Investing, High-Net-Worth, Asset Allocation

Saving - Mandatory Savings, Volutary Savings, Goals Planning, Goals Based Investing

Protection - Annuities, Structured Products, Life Insurance, P&C Insurance

Wellbeing - Personal Financial Management, Budgeting, Financial Health, Financial Planning

HYDRO is planned such that it can be effectively incorporated to any websites, CRM, SMS, Chat, Analytics, Email, Support, Brokerage, Aggregation, Payments, E-Signature, AI, KYC, and so forth,. inside minutes. Hydro enables developers to flawlessly send blockchain in their existing applications, without the need to make costly foundation.

On the off chance that Hydro makes their strides legitimately, they can be one among the best 100 fotune organizations in future.