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Friday, 11 May 2018

I got home and freshen up. i lay on my bed to have a nap. it was a friday, that means no lectures the next day and the day after. I had planned for the following week. the following week was our department week, which means there won't be much lectures for that week because of the various activities that would be taking place.

I didn't plan to go to school for that week because I didn't want Sandra to see me for the whole of that week. it was part of my plan.

Based on my personal research, I had come to realize that most ladies don't realize how much they love having a particular guy around them until that guy takes a break from hanging around with them. As far as they keep seeing the guy, they won't realize this. so I planned to take a break from hanging around with Sandra to know if she love having me around her.

The new week came and I stayed at home all through. I switched off my phone to avoid her call. I used the whole of that week playing video game and revising all what we had learnt for that semester.

The following week came too quick but I was ready for lectures. I walked into the school compound and heard her screaming my name from behind. I turned to see Sandra hastening her step to catch up with me.

"hi" I said when she finally got to me.

"Jerry what happened? where have you been? you didn't even attend classes through out last week. not even for once. what really happened? I tried your number for almost a thousand times but it was always switched off." she poured out all the questions to me and without waiting for response, she continued.
"Did you travel? was there an emergency? did you lose your phone? what really happened? she asked waiting curiously for an answer.

"I just decided to stay at home and play video game, since last week was our department week and we were not supposed to have much lectures." I answered.

Her mood suddenly changed and I could see anger visibly on her face.

"what" she exclaimed
"you were at home playing video game all through the week while I was here worrying about you. And you didn't bother to call" she barked.

She glared at me and walked out on me before I could say anything.
I stood there surprised at the drama Sandra just displayed. she just proved to me that she didn't just like having me around but also cares about me. I made up my mind that very moment that I would step up my game and do the right thing.

All through lectures for that day, I didn't pay attention. I stole glances at Sandra from time to time and noticed that she was not paying attention too.

After class that day, I waited for her to be alone before approaching her. I met her sitting alone in one of the empty classes and walked up to her. I squatted beside her and held her hands. We stared silently at each other for a while before I finally broke the silence.

"Sandra I lied when I said I was just playing video game all through last week"

"what do you mean?" she asked staring intensely at me.

"I only said that to cover up what I actually wanted to say"

"Jerry I don't get you, you are confusing me" she said with her eyes still fixed on mine.

"Sandra there is something I want to tell you for a very long time but don't know how to say it"

"please say it. you are getting me nervous." she pleaded

I could see the look of curiosity in her eyes.

"please promise me you won't get mad at me if I say it"

"I won't get mad. please say it. my heartbeat has increased already"

I looked directly into her eyes and see stared intensely back at me waiting curiously for what I have to say.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. I open my eyes to see her still staring intensely at me.

"I ......" I paused

"please say it" she said tightening her grip on my hand

"I looked down, heaved a sigh and fixed my gaze back on her with boldness.

"I love you Sandra. I love you very much. I want you to be my girlfriend" I let it out.

she stared at me in shock. she tried to speak but words could not come out from her mouth. After staring awkwardly at each other for a while, she drew closer to me and hugged me. I stared at her open-mouthed. she wrapped her hand around my neck and stared into my eyes.

"I love you too Jerry, and I will be your girlfriend"

My joy knew no bounds when she said that to me. I wrapped her in warm embrace and we stayed that way for almost an hour.

My long time crush had finally become my woman.

        THE END

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