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Friday, 11 May 2018

After class the next day, I waited to be such that Sandra would have gone to the restuarant for lunch before I went to the restuarant for lunch also. And just as I expected, I saw her already having lunch. I went straight to the counter to order for food. After receiving my food, I walked straight to Sandra's table and placed my food on it. I sat next to her and started consuming my food without looking at her.

 After eating for a while, I stole a glance at her and noticed that she was already boring a hole on my body with her eyes, probably waiting for me to explain why I just sat next to her without even saying "hi".
I ignored her and continued consuming my food. When I was done eating, I looked up from my table and smiled, then I did what every gentleman would have done since.

"hi" I finally said.

She hissed and ignored my greeting. After a while of deafening silence, she finally spoke.

"so you just noticed that you are sitting beside someone"

I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Sandra I'm really sorry for not greeting you earlier. I was famished. I just had to eat something before I collapse. I left home today without having breakfast" I apologized.

"oh, i see" she sighed.
"with the way you consumed your food, one can tell that you are really hungry. why didn't you have breakfast before leaving home?"

"I woke up very late and by the time I got prepared, I was already late for lecture so I just left home without having breakfast"

"so you are telling me now that you can't go on a fast" she joked.

"no I can't, I don't joke with my food" I replied.

And that was how our conversation started. we talked about things we were interested in. we also talked about other things and I made joke for time to time which made her laughed out loud.
When we were done, we walked out of the restuarant together. we exchanged phone numbers and parted ways to our different homes.

The next day in class, I tried as much as possible to avoid Sandra for reasons best known to me. I went home without seeing her. I knew she would have been expecting to see me at the restuarant, but I just had to disappoint her again.

I dialed her number that night from home and she picked at the first beep.

"what's up Jerry" she said into the phone.

"I'm cool and you?"

"I'm cool too"

"that's good to hear" I said

"I didn't see you in class today. what happened?" she asked.

My face curved in a smile when I heard that. so she was expecting to see me. That means I was heading somewhere.

"nothing, I just had to leave early to take care of some things" I answered.

"okay, so what's up?' she asked.

I cleared my throat.

"Sandra I really need your help"

"what's it" she asked

"I have been trying to solve the assignment that was given to us today but I can't seem to find the right formula to apply, and you know we are to submit it before 8am tomorrow. so I was thinking if I should come over to your place for you to explain it to me" I said making my voice sound desperate.

she sighed before responding.

"okay you can come over"

"thank you very much. you are the best" I rejoiced

i could hear her chuckled at the other end.

"okay, i'm waiting" she replied

"i will be there in 30 minute" i said

"okay then she responded.

i ended the call and lay down on my bed. i didn't plan of going to her place. i just wanted her to believe i was coming and be expecting me. i did the assignment before coming home, so i had no problem with that. i switched off my phone to prevent her call. i slept with smile on my face at the way my plan was going.

The next day, i saw Sandra sitting alone in one of the empty classes. i walked up to her and stood beside her. she was too engrossed in her phone to notice my presence.

"hi" i said smiling.

she looked up from her phone and continued with what she was doing.
I could see the look of disappointment when she looked at me.

"Sandra" i called

she raised her head to face me.

"why didn't you come yesterday?" she asked

"i later solved the question after applying different methods" i answered

"and you didn't bother to call. i even prepared something for you to eat and waited all night, yet you didn't show up" she said in disappointed tone.

wow! she prepared something for me to eat. i thought.
that means she wanted me to feel comfortable when i visit her. i was happy to hear that but didn't allow it to show on my face.

"i am sorry" i apologized masking my joy with a remourseful look.
"i should have called you but my phone was down"

"i tried your number all night but it was switched off" she said

i went closer and sat beside her.

"i am sorry" i apologized once more.

"it's okay"

I brought out two movie tickets and showed to her.

"I won these tickets to see a movie at the cinema. I didn't want to go but based on the fact that wouldn't want the tickets to go to waste, I have decided to go see the movie. Since I have two tickets with me, I was thinking if we could go see the movie together "

Actually, I didn't win the tickets just like I said. I actually bought the ticket for the two of us to go see a movie. I just had to present it that way for her not to turn down my request. I knew it would be very difficult for her to turn down my request.

After contemplating on it, she finally agreed.

"okay, we can go see the movie together"

"thanks for accepting." i said

We talked for some time before leaving the school to prepare for the movie.

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