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Friday, 11 May 2018

Sandra left the school to prepare for the movie. on my way home, I met my coursemates Gofwane, ikbnice and pu7pl3 at the school gate. They were grinning from ear to ear when they saw me, which showed that something was on their minds. but I just can't place it.

"Jerry, I saw you and Sandra some minutes ago. are you dating her?" Gofwane asked.

"how did you do it?" ikbnice chipped in.

Gofwane, ikbnice and pu7pi3 were part of the guys in class who had at one point in time tried to woo Sandra, but their effort didn't yield any result. They had gotten similar response from Sandra, which was to focus more on boosting their cgpa.

"I'm not dating her" I answered their question.

"then why did I see you both alone at the lab" pu7pl3 asked.

"we were just discussing" I answered.

"we are saying the same thing" ikbnice cut in
"I want to know how you did it. I want to know why Sandra of all people could sit with you alone in an empty class for close to 30 minutes."

"what did you give her to eat? which native doctor did you go to? your charm must be very powerful for it to have effect on Sandra. Do you still have some portion left, because I will like to use it on this new girl I saw today in school." Gofwane said.

I could only laugh at their silly questions and comments.

I looked round to see grayjonz approaching us from behind. the look on his face was not funny at all. he shook hands with Gofwane, ikbnice and pu7pl3 when he got to us, but only shot me an angry glance. the look on his face sent shivers down my spine.

"so you are dating Sandra now" he said to me.

so that was it. I thought. that was why he was giving me that look. he thought I was dating Sandra. well I don't blame him, since he had also tried to date Sandra but wasn't successful. infact, he had the worst encounter with Sandra. it was an embarrassing moment for him.

mustack had lied to him that he overheard Sandra telling her friend, rebirthforgoody that she had a huge crush on grayjonz. grayjonz could not control his joy when mustack told him this. he was so anxious to profess his love for Sandra.

That same day in class, just immediately Dr. jostico, our cost accounting lecturer left the class, grayjonz walked to generalbush our class rep and whisper some words into his ear. generalbush walked to stand it front of the class and asked to have everyone attention. everyone paid attention to listen to the information generalbush had for the class.

"our coursemate grayjonz, has an important announcement to make. I will encourage you all to give him a listening ear while he passes his information" generalbush said.

grayjonz stood up immediately and walked to the front. he faced the whole class and cleared his throat.

"I actually want to make a public declaration just like generalbush said" he began.
"I know you all would have noticed how some guys in this department had been trying to ask Sandra for a date without yielding any result. I'm not saying that they are not capable of dating Sandra. all I am saying is that, once your heart is made for someone, there is nothing anybody can do to change that. I am not saying that I am better than anyone for coming out here to declare my intention. I want to make a public declaration about my feelings for Sandra." he paused and looked straight into Sandra's eyes.
"Sandra I love you and I want to date you" he said smiling.

there was total silence in the class. grayjonz did not notice the glare that Sandra shot at him.

Sandra stood up and walked to the front of the class. all eyes in class followed her direction, waiting curiously for her reply. she walked to meet grayjonz and stood opposite him.

"grayjonz" she called softly.

"yes dear" grayjonz responded, with smile still visible on his face.

Sandra turned to face the class.

"grayjonz has publicly declared his love for me" she began.
"and I must say that I am thankful to know that he thinks highly of me. I also commend his courage for coming out publicly to declare his love for me. not everyone would be able to do that for someone they love. i have to make something clear right now."

she turned and stared into grayjonz's eyes.

"I am sorry grayjonz. I feel nothing for you. it's just a one-sided attraction. I'm publicly turning you down. go look for someone that Will love you just the way you love her and get your mind off me. I don't love you and will never do. I'm sorry."

Sandra shot him one last glance and walked out of the class. the whole class roar with laughter immediately Sandra left.grayjonz stood still staring at the door Sandra just walked out from.

the noise and laughter in the class was so loud that it attracted students from other classes. All generalbush effort to call the class to order was fruitless. grayjonz stared at mustack with a questioning look, probably asking him to explain what just happened. but all mustack could do, was to wink and show grayjonz his two index fingers, which could be interpreted as an even score. Meaning, grayjonz might have done same to him and he is only getting even with grayjonz.
grayjonz tried his possible best not to blink, to prevent the tears which had already formed in his eyes from dropping.

A tap on my shoulder brought me back to reality. that was when I realise I was still standing at the school entrance with my coursemates.

"you have not answered my question" ikbnice said.
"when did you and Sandra become that close that you can discuss with her alone in an empty class."

I could only smile at his question.

my coursemates might be very good with words when it comes to wooing ladies. but what they don't understand was that ladies are different with their different personalities. what worked for ladyA might not work for ladyB.

Though, it is true that you can work your way into a lady's heart with the right use of words. infact, some ladies unconsciously yearned to hear those sweet words from guys. but this don't work for all ladies. sweet words alone won't work for ladies like Sandra. ladies as pretty as Sandra have heard those sweet words you have to say a thousand times already. saying it to them would make little or no effect.

if you go to their Facebook or IG page, you will be shock at the number of sweet comments you would see for just a picture they uploaded. you would even see comment like "did you fall from heaven". so adding yours to it, is just like adding a drop of water to an ocean.

The only time such words will have effect on them is, when is was coming from someone they already love. someone that they already have a place for in their heart. so the first thing you should do before using, those words on them, is to try having a place in their heart. and some of the ways to do that, is to try doing or saying things you believe no one has done or said to them, changing their moods when you are with them. if you can make a lady happy this moment, the next moment she is angry with you, after a while she is worried, and later she is happy again. then I must say that you are gradually working your way into her heart.

if you are the type that think you are winning a lady's heart and you still can't make her happy or get her angry, she always has this blank expression on her face whenever she is with you. even if you go to the extent of kissing her bestfriend in her presence, she would still not get angry. Then you still have a long way to go.

I was brought back to reality by a tap from Gofwane.

"your mind seems to be elsewhere. what's wrong?" he asked.

"nothing bro. I have to leave now" I said

"okay no problem" Gofwane said.

I shook hands with them and left the school to prepare for the movie.

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