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Friday, 11 May 2018

I left the school to prepare for the movie. I got home and quickly freshen up. I and Sandra had earlier agreed to meet at a particular park and from there, we would head straight to the cinema. I left home immediately I was set and headed to the park in order  not to keep Sandra waiting. I was relieved that I got there before her. I sat down on a seat and waited patiently for her. After few minutes of sitting, I raised my head and behold the beauty approaching me. my lips parted ways in amazement. Her beauty cannot be decribed with words alone. she was truly an epitome of beauty. I tried my best not to show how surprised I was by her beauty, but couldn't do much because I was still staring at her open-mouthed as she approached me. The smile on her face can wipe off the anger in a man's heart. she got to me and stood opposite me.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting?" she asked.

"no no. not at all" I answered briefly.

I lost control of myself. I was just staring at her, wondering why just one person would accumulate such beauty. After staring at her without saying anything, she decided to speak.

"shall we?" she asked.

"yes sure" I answered.

I stood up immediately and led her out of the park. we took a cab and headed straight to the cinema.

We got to the cinema just when the movie was about to start. we sat down at the front and I placed the bowl of popcorn which I had bought on the small table between us. The movie started just immediately we settled down. we watched silently, chewing from the bowl of popcorn beside us.

Ten minutes into the movie, I stole a glance at Sandra and saw her smiling broadly while her gaze were still fixed on the big screen. The movie was quite an interesting one, but watching Sandra smile was more interesting.

I felt her hand on mine and that was when I realized I had kept my hand in the bowl for long without taking any popcorn. she looked down immediately when she felt my hand In the bowl. I quickly scooped some popcorn from the bowl and removed my hand.

"sorry" she apologized and fixed her gaze back on the movie.

The movie continued and we watched silently. The smile on her face was still visible. it was when the movie was approaching the end part that her mood changed. it was a tragic end. The smile on her face disappeared when the movie ended and was replaced by sadness.

I requested that we had lunch in a near by restuarant before going home. Even as we ate in the restuarant, I knew she still felt sad. The male lead character in the movie, which I believed was her favourite character, committed suicide just because the lady he loved did not return his love.

"why are you sad?" I asked when I was not comfortable with her mood.
"is it because Jay died" I said referring to the male lead character.

"why would he resolve to committing suicide?" she exclaimed letting out the anger in her heart.
"he just succeeded in putting Kate into unnecessary torture." she said referring to the female lead character.
"Jay should have waited. Kate love him too and was about to tell him that. why would he have to commit suicide same day that Kate wanted to confess her love for him too" she said it sad tone.

"I don't really support Jay's action. I'm totally against the act of committing suicide no matter the situation. I refer to such people as coward. only a coward would think of suicide as the only option. so i'm totally against what Jay did. but we shouldn't put all the blame on him. Kate has a part in it. if she had accepted Jay's proposal, all these wouldn't have happened. she was so sure that she also love Jay but decided to treat him like trash by saying hurtful words to him. That's the problem we have with most ladies this days. They won't realise how much they value someone until they lose him. There might be quite number of guys who would be asking for a date from a particular lady. but the lady might not want to give any of them the chance just because her relationship with a particular guy didn't work. she would shut out every other guy, just because of one guy who doesn't deserve her. she would tag all guys as the same. it is until she had lost that guy that is so caring and ready to do anything for her, that she would realise how important the guy is to her. The was the case of Kate in the movie and also the case of many ladies out there." I poured out my mind to Sandra while she listened with keen interest.

This time, I was speaking from my heart and not from memorized lines.

Sandra stared intensely at me with so much emotion when I finished my speech. Her gaze was so intense that I started feeling uncomfortable. I decided to speak when she wouldn't stop staring at me.

"it's getting late. I think we should start going home."

she carried her handbag which was on the table and we left the restuarant. I walked her home and stopped few distances away for her house.

"I Will be heading to my house now" I said

"okay" she responded smiling.
"thanks for the threat. I'm very grateful."

"you are welcome. see you in school on Monday." I said.

"okay. see you too" she responded.

we turned and walked our different ways. After walking few step, I stopped and looked back. she looked back just immediately also and our gaze locked. I waved at her and she waved back. we turned and continued walking our different ways home. After walking some steps, I turned again and saw her already looking back. we smiled at each other and continued walking our different ways. I looked back again after a while but was disappointed, because she didn't look back this time. I turned and walked straight home.

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