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Friday, 18 May 2018 is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that organizations and people accumulate premium data. They expect to democratize

huge data and level the data playing field by giving the most exhaustive

showcasing data solution to all organizations and people. They will give an effortlessly open interface to organizations or people and the data suppliers.

The backend framework will give full trust in data quality(for organizations and people) and fiscal incentive for data(for data suppliers).

The fundamental destinations of are:

=To guarantee that data suppliers can just adapt their data by giving access to it.

=To give straightforwardness and traceability to the data suppliers utilizing blockchain innovation.

=To give organizations and people quality checked data they require.

=To give customers a streamlined and simple to-utilize interface with a snappy/secure installment system(DBC token).

=To fabricate certainty and trust between the end client and data sources.


The data business today isn't what it used to be. Data acquisition forms are currently costly and data suppliers are presently rare. This has prompted an expansion in number of organizations frantically needing basic information.

The current data advertise biological system of data/list proprietors, chiefs and dealers is wasteful and regularly incapable, costing organizations superfluous time and cash.

Data is a critical part of the computerized promoting/publicizing industry. However, compelling data sources are currently sold and the not many that are left, are offered at a high cost. The appeal for data sources that give quality, finish and in particular, confirmed data has soar in the present computerized age.

THE SOLUTION TO THE ABOVE PROBLEM will give a vigorous interface between the clients and

the data sources. will make a solitary point solution that will dispense with the requirement for numerous data merchants and layers of rundown
supervisors and facilitates that make wastefulness in the commercial center. The backend frameworks will guarantee full trust in data quality for the end client and transactional conclusiveness for the data suppliers. will change the way the data list industry works by Eliminating superfluous go betweens and making accessible an all the more simple to utilize data sourcing and conveyance process. This will be made conceivable utilizing a bound together UI to permit the two organizations and people seek fluctuating and assorted wellsprings of data for records that match thier look inquiry parameters. This will spare time and cash.


1: Smart Indexing Engine (SIE) uses a decentralized Smart Indexing Engine(SIE) to list all data sources and dole out certainty scores on the sources. The SIE is a sort of AI utilizing data examination and machine learning. It utilizes prescient examination to make a proper score and It continually checks and re-assesses the sources refreshing the scores.

2: Blockchain Integration uses the Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts for all transactions and payments.When organizations try to utilize data, they can scan for data on that meets their necessities. When they discover it, they can send installment to the data suppliers with the goal that they can be offered access to the data they asked for. This turns out to be genuine utilizing an advanced money that cooperates with the platform utilizing Smart Contract, so the two gatherings are fulfilled and all these should be possible namelessly .


DBCCoin is an ERC-20 token(with ERC-677 functionality) that is executed on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will use Smart Contracts written in strength for transactions, examining and installments namelessly. DBCCoin will be utilized for transactions on the platform and to reimburse data suppliers for thier data.

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