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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Cubechain is a chatbot service that utilizes AI and Big Data and has a smart agent function that allows various companies to get real contracts. It is also a messenger that can make P2P transactions safely and can deal with online contents as well as offline goods and services.

A Blockchain is a system for gathering data at a settled time interim to produce data blocks, confirming the data through a hash esteem scrambled with the block, and putting away the recorded data in a dispersed server to guarantee unwavering quality and solidness. Be that as it may, Blockchain has opened new skylines of innovation by actualizing an exceptional data recording strategy utilizing the encryption technique and the P2P strategy, yet regardless it has a specialized restriction.

In such a view, a Cube Chain can be a mix of parallel handling and utilitarian blocks to expand the useful components of the database through the idea of a cube rather than a block. In this manner, the advancement of Cube Chain will indicate different online administrations that require the created block-chain source innovation to issue the scrambled cash and require general society database.

Likewise, it utilizes POH (Proof of Hybrid) pay technique to take care of the issue of increment of trouble because of unnecessary system asset squander and inordinate overheating rivalry of existing POW system, accordingly lessening Cube Chain will be a strong advance in setting up Cube Chain ecosystem, utilizing a restrictive Cube motor and Cube coin.


1- Cubing

It implies Cube making innovation that gathers 27 blocks into one Cube. The 24 blocks that record the exchange book and the 3 exceptional blocks that happen in the meantime as the cubing procedure are consolidated to make one cube.

In the meantime as the data block is made, the cubing continues and the produced cube makes another hash esteem. All thusly composed books will keep on creating a cube, and the Hash esteem will interface Cube to Cube. This is the main confirmation that happens when the blocks are associated, the second check that happens when the cube is associated, and it has significantly more grounded encryption innovation than the current Blockchain.

The three extraordinary blocks made toward the beginning of cubing are called Indexing Blocks, Statistics Blocks, and Escrow Blocks, and have one of a kind characteristics.Special blocks are fundamentally made out of 3, yet uncommon blocks can be added to alter the number and proportion of data blocks.

2- Unique Blocks

Indexing Block: It causes you to arrange and look through the data initially, so you can rapidly actualize a particular exchange, electronic wallet list.

Statistic Block: Statistical estimation of all data can be arranged by reason, and administration of helpful statistical data can be prepared.

Escrow Block: Allows you to safely process exchanges without delegates by safely altering the approval procedure of senders and beneficiaries utilizing approved encryption keys.

Format Block: Used when the data format should be changed adaptably. Data is consequently approved to forestall incorrect data or client or program mistakes.

Edit Block: The irreversibility of a Blockchain can be favorable position and an inconvenience. In other application administrations, you can set the Edit Block when you have to adjust the data with the goal that you can without much of a stretch deal with the changes.

3- Parallel Structure

Cube Chain, a fourth generation blockchain, is a parallel preparing Blockchain system that enhances exchange speed and data limit in existing Blockchains and further improves the security system. Since existing Blockchains associate a solitary block directly, the data associations have a straight structure. Cube Chain has a straight structure of the current blockchain and has a three-dimensional structure by interfacing the data to the information of the places of the 27 blocks.

This structure of Cube Chain empowers parallel handling of data and proficient system setup, and raises security levels to the following level. Specifically, data parallel preparing can process a similar measure of data rapidly, contingent upon the motivation behind utilize, and can process a lot of data at a similar rate, and at times, the two data and speed can be expanded in the meantime.

4- POH(Proof of Hybrid)

The essential mining strategy for Cube Chain is coin remuneration to hubs taking an interest in the POW. In any case, with a specific end goal to take care of the issue of exorbitant power utilization because of extreme system assets and overheating rivalry of POW, POH (Proof of POW + POS hybrid) technique joining POS pay strategy was received. The POW and POS proportions begin at 7: 3, expanding the POS rate after some time and in the end keeping it at POS as it were.

POW can take an interest by choosing every thing in data block generation, extraordinary block generation, and cube work. POS is paid in extent to amount to 5,000 Cube Chain (QUB) holders in view of past block paying little mind to hub cooperation. In spite of the fact that POS and POS are utilized together when POW and POS are blended, it sets aside a long opportunity to pay; in any case: it is conceivable to significantly decrease the wastefulness of iterative figuring by utilizing Statistics Block of Cube Chain.


Medical Information Exchange Standard Platform

In a general public where Medical Information Exchange Platform (MIEP) isn't reliant, the patient must take the medical information of the current clinic each time they move the doctor's facility. This is such an exercise in futility and cash, and the patients are enduring.

Cube Chain gives MIEP that connections clinics, stores medical information of patients in a block database in view of Cube Chain, shares them, and stipends get to specialist to avoid presentation to others.

 Coordinated Login System

Security Login System (SLS) is a system that coordinates dispersed database into a solitary secure login platform utilizing Cube Chain.

By sparing individual information of coordinated login id (One ID) in-moved through assortment of access benefit and the computerized declaration issued by fingerprinting, iris, biometrics, cell phone stick code, correspondence organization verification information, and ID card check in the record. It is a system that limits the danger of hacking.

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