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Sunday, 13 May 2018

CoinJanitor is a group funded project that breadths up inert coins and pays users to exchange them in.

There are 4 principle gatherings of individuals who will profit by the CoinJanitor project. Individuals may have a place with more than one of these gatherings at the same time, which implies they will appreciate the advantages on each gathering they may be in. The accompanying are the gatherings of individuals who will profit by the CoinJanitor project and how they will profit:

USERS OF FAILED COINS: They will profit by the chance to get value once again from coins that can't be sold. They will likewise profit by joining a group that will develop exponentially as CoinJanitor keeps on amalgamating groups of other failed coins that are generally cut-off from the markets.

COINJANITOR USERS: They will profit by the making of another economy that wouldn't exist generally. This economy depends on unlocking value caught in failed coins and accomplishing a system impact by amalgamating the groups of these failed coins into a solitary one.

THE MARKET: Cryptocurrency markets will profit by 2 positive externalities that the CoinJanitor project will create: the diminishment of weakening in the markets through the decommissioning of blockchains that trap value, and the capacity of CoinJanitor to wind up a vehicle through which the caught value can be moved somewhere else in the market.

PROJECT CREATORS: They will profit by making an extraordinary project in the space, opening a level headed discussion that cryptocurrency lovers ought to have about the most ideal approach to manage failed coins, and the benefit of driving a recently made group with the improvement of more devices that will be helpful to cryptocurrency aficionados and markets no matter how you look at it

Total tokens supply: 100,000,000

Hard Cap: 7,500,000 USD

ICO Date: May 1st to May 31st

Token Price: 1 ETH = 3900 JAN

Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, USD and 40+ altcoins


Article by: chacha100