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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tunde opened his eyes and he saw himself in a familiar room, the settings of the room was like that of the one he was admitted to when he got hit by car, the only difference here was just that the chair in the room was placed in a different position,  and  this time around funke wasn’t there to look after him , someone else was.

A young lady which shouldn’t be more than 19 years of age was sitting on the chair, she was light skinned and beautiful. Tunde wanted to get the attention of the young lady so he coughed , the young lady looked up at him with wide smile on her face as she said, “ oh ! Thank God you! Let me quickly get the nurse”, she ran out of the room while tunde wondered who she was.

Moments later, she came back with a nurse who greeted him with a smile on her face and asked him some questions , before checking his wounds , she was happy to inform him that the he should be out of the hospital in few days . tunde gave a quick smile, then turn to the young lady to ask who she was, “  and who are you please! “ asking in a bit rude manner, but before she could answer him , he heard  funke’s voice from the direction of entrance to the room, the nurse was blocking his view because she was changing the bandage on his wound , so he couldn’t  get a clear view of  her, minutes  later, the nurse finished , moved away from the bed side, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Tunde with his mouth wide open saw funke  with an unknown man in the room, the man was  looks older than him, he had a close facial look as funke ,but he wasn’t still sure who he was , with his eyes glued to the man he said “ yes ! who are you?!” there were traces of fear and anger in his voice, but he kept his gaze locked with that of the man, funke didn’t allow the man to answer, she gestured to him to let her do the talking, she then turned to tunde , gave him a calm down look then said “ am sure you are surprised by seeing this new faces around here?” pointing to the man behind her she said “ here is my brother kunle , the one that ……”, tunde  interrupted her by saying “ wait! The one that got admitted to a psychiatric home?”  She nodded her head while she answered “ yes, same one “ tunde couldn’t believe it, he then asked, “ but how? Or when did…” she cuts in and said “ yeah, same way I was surprised yesterday night when I got a call from the home that my brother as regained his senses “she said, looking at her brother with a smile, kunle smiled back and said “ all she said is true , God just did a miracle for me, and am very grateful” he paused then continued”

I heard about all you went through because of me, am very sorry for everything” tunde  looking calm now said “ wow, am really surprised , I don’t even know what to say right now ,but we just thank  God sha” he smiled then looked the way of the young woman then said “ and who is this ?” asking in a more friendly tone now

“oh! This is lola, my neighbors daughter that I usually leave at that the store when am not around, I asked her to come and stay here while I clean up my brother” tunde acknowledged her   then thanked  her for coming, he looked back at funke then asked “ so what happened to capon and his gang?”  funke ,feeling a bit sad ,said” well capon and some of his key guys  were killed in the fight “ tunde nodded his head, feeling happy , but then she said “ but osama got killed too” tunde felt a bit pity for him, he was trying to save him ,although they already had their beef, he thought to himself,

then he continued talking after a while” I noticed you didn’t have your gun with you when the police men stopped us?” funke smiled and said “ you no trust me?, I threw  it in the gutter immediately I saw the police van coming ,but we still have to thank dayo sha, he saved us, thank God he knew that officer” tunde then asked “ so dayo called the police? What if he had not known any of them ?”  he said, then funke sat by the bed side then said “ according to what he told me sha ,he said the man was the boss and he knew him from way back, so he had informed  him about the kidnap and that a fight was going on , although he didn’t get us involved sha” , they all laughed and talked for the rest of the day .

Tunde arrived at the international airport that Saturday morning with his cousin, he was going back to the U.S , he wasn’t ready to die for a woman and her family, he as his life to live ,his cousin dayo had bought the flight ticket, even went as far as helping him to pack his bags, tunde was reluctant initially, he didn’t like the idea but dayo convinced him that it was the best thing to do, he needs to leave the country without letting her know.      

Tunde was still feeling reluctant, he wanted to let her know he was leaving, but his cousin wouldn’t let him, it’s been 30min since they arrived at the airport, and checking in was to commence soon, both he and his cousin were busy talking about the weather  when he suddenly stopped and said,“ I need to let her know am leaving” dayo looked at him with an angry face then said “ why you no dey hear word self?! , wetin  dey worry you?!, you wan kill yourself?!” tunde looking, unhappy, he decided to beg his cousin” abeg even if na just text message I fit send , at least before she reach here I for don move naw” dayo nodded murmuring some words .


tunde was still typing, he didn’t even hear the announcer when they asked passengers of flight  566 to move to the departure area , dayo dragged the phone from him, looked at the long epistle he has written and decided to delete some , he deleted all other messages but only left out some part ,then sent it, he removed the Nigerian sim card in the phone and then handed it back to tunde.

Funke was calculating the total money for the goods a customer bought when she heard a message tone from her phone , she initially ignored  it thinking it’s a text message from the network operators , but minutes later she couldn’t explain why she could not take her eyes off the phone, maybe because she was expecting a call from tunde ,so she feels he might send a text message instead of a call, she greeted the customer that was just about leaving then quickly rushed to her phone, she unlocked it and there it was , a message from tunde, she was really happy, she quickly opened the message but she was surprised to see a message that reads that says “ I LOVE YOU FUNKE, BUT I HAVE TO LEAVE”.

Funke cried all morning, she kept trying the number but it was not available, she knew he must have switched off the phone, she cried a lot more for the rest of the day, wondering if he will ever come back for her, even if he is not, would she ever get a man she could love and who will love her that much again?, she later locked the shop for the day and went home. After much consoling from her brother, funke felt a little bit better , she was happy now” even though tunde has left her, she still has her brother, he was her first love, her blood, someone she could talk to”she thought,  she later went to bed feeling better that night.

The next morning was Sunday, so they both prepared for church, she felt comfortable , and happy in the arms of her brother,” person wey go marry this guy go first take permission from me” she thought , smiling to herself.

They were inside the church later that morning as the pastor preached, his message that morning was about accepting what God has destined for you, accepting destiny and believing that God has greater plans for you, she was enjoying the sermon, relating everything the pastor said to tunde leaving her, she believes he left for greater things to happen in her life.

After the church service that day, she put her hand under her brothers arm as they walk out of the church , they soon got into their car  as he took the steering, after  driving for about ten minutes from the church venue, they came across the traffic light that indicated red, meaning they should stop, as they both laughed and talk about childhood experiences, she saw a car stopped beside the driver’s side of the car, the guys in the car where on red bandanas , suddenly the guy sitting at the passenger side of the car pulled out an ak47 gun and sprayed the whole car, funke was not able to alert her brother before the shooting as she also  went down to dodge the bullets, after like 3 minutes later ,she raised her head and realized what has happened , her brother was dead!.


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