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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Dayo sat in his car outside funke’s house thinking of how he could save his cousin “why can’t I just go to capon and beg for the release of tunde? ,why do I have to team up with this girl? ,what if they involve me in the whole matter again” he later made up his mind to team up with her after weighing his  chances, he got out of the car and went to the door.

Dayo was sited across the room from funke where she was narrating the incident to him when they heard a horn from a car outside ,she excused herself then went to the window to check the car before going outside, dayo was wandering who its was but did not ask.few minutes later funke came in with osama and dayo couldn’t believe his eyes.

Tunde was sitting on a iron chair with both his hands tied to the back of the chair,he was a little weak from the beaten he has received from the guys, moments later the young man that was at the gate while they were coming in walked into the room, he was holding a bottle of water in his hands when he said “ you care for some? “ holding the water up, tunde looked up at him then said “ yes! , thank you , God bless you “ but to his surprise the young man said “ amen “then tunde thought to himself “I don’t think this guy is like the others?, why did he say amen” then  the young man helped him put the water to his mouth ,after drinking the water , he said thank you again and the young man started leaving,before the guy could leave the room tunde quickly asked him” can I ask you some questions? please?”  but the guy looked back at him and said “ am sorry am not allowed to talk to you “ then he left.

About forty minutes later the young man came back with another man to the room, they raised him to his feet by dragging him by the hands then walked him out of the room. As they walked along the  other rooms in the house tunde kept peeping inside each room ,the first room they passed by was filled with about 8 guys  some smoking while some were sleeping, about two other guys  were gambling in one corner of the room, the second room was occupied by three young girls , that were dressed in skimpy cloths while they all sleep, the last room as its door closed, they could hear sounds of music from inside the room  and also the smell of weed , tunde could surely differentiate between the smell of a cigarette and the smell of a weed because he clubs very well so he had knowledge of everything .As the young man opened the door ,what he saw shocked him. A   light in complexion man with tattoo on his back and neck was having s-x with a girl right there on the bed that was put on the floor, the girls moan was covered by the sound of the music so no one could hear her, tunde couldn’t watch so he focused his eyes on the radio in the room, the other guy that took him in with the young man looked at him and gave him a slap on the face , then point to the bed and said “ look there!” .

About ten minutes later, the man stood up and put on his trouser ,he looked at the raps of weed beside the bed  then took one and gave it to her, she smiled, smelled it  and walked out of the room , then he lighted one of the other  weed   and started smoking it, the man sat on a chair close to the bed but facing tunde and the other guys then said “ so na you be detective? “    

Tunde was standing with fear in his mind when capon said “ how much were you paid ?, I believe you must have been paid a lot of money to come here to hunt me down” in a pleading manner tunde said “ please! am not a detective am only here on holidays from the u.s ,I don’t know anything about what you are saying I swear “ capon laughed and said “ tell me something else please because you suck at lying, you know what I don’t really have time for all this s--t ,I just need one thing from you! but it’s not like am giving you a choice though you must do it except you want to die! and if you run away mercy will die!” tunde’s suddenly remembered that funke was mercy so he said “ ok sir! ,I will do anything !,any amount you want sir !“ capon frowned and said “ who is talking about money , well let’s leave that money part we will come back to it , but the major thing I want you to do for me is that , you will work with me on how to set trap for osama!” .

Funke with the help of osama and dayo had come up with plans on how to attack the base of the scorpions ,osama and is men just acquired some new guns and cutlasses so they are more confident and ready to fight, so the plan was to go there very early the next morning to attack the scopion’s home, although funke and dayo are not going to take part in the fight, they are to park their car at a distance and get ready to escape with tunde when he has been freed, Luckily for dayo ,the day was a public holiday so he doesn’t have to worry about work.

Funke woke up very early the following day to get ready, she cleaned one of her small guns and kept it in a bag, it wasn’t long after that, she heard horns of cars outside her house, she peeped and saw that it was dayo’s car along with a bus and 2 other cars which she recognized as osama and his gang, she immediately left the cloth she was folding and joined the guys in the car.

Tunde was still sleeping when a loud gun sound woke him, he could hear sound of movements outside the room, suddenly there were shouts of “ haaaaaa!!!, yeeeeeeeee!!!, eying!! , emaku leni ni!!” the door to the room flung open and capon rushed in , he dragged tunde by the collar and said “ so una done plan am abi ? he slapped him a couple of times before pushing him out of the room using tunde to shield himself.As they got to the sitting room of the house ,tunde could not believe his eyes , he saw some of the guys with injuries , most of the wounds were not gun wounds it looks like knife or machete wounds , he looked at the door and saw that about 3 guys were there with a big cupboard behind the door, then suddenly he heard another shot” booooom!!” and everyone in the room quickly went to the ground,he heard capon shouting “ where my men they, you done alert them? “ looking at the direction of one of the guys ,then the guy replied “ they are coming boss!!, they are on their way!!! “.

The struggle went on for another fifteen minutes before noises started coming from outside, capon ordered those inside to go fight outside and help those members that just came while he will be at the back, they opened the door and tunde saw guys that are covered in blood, some holding cutlasses and the others were holding knifes ,capon pushed him forward so he could hide at his back. On stepping outside ,tunde saw how a guys throat was slashed , he tried to run but capon dragged him back putting a knife to his throat, a guy was trying to run when someone threw a knife at him ,the knife hit him on the head and blood started rushing out,the person that threw the knife came closer to him took the knife from the floor and inserted it smoothly into his stomach, he made it look so easy, he acted like he has done that a million times. tunde didn’t realize that someone was coming to attack them suddenly he felt something moved passed his face ,he quickly looked and saw that It was a knife, the guy lunched at him again the second time but before he could touch him capon had sliced a knife through his throat, but the guys knife still touched him slicing the side of his ear.

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