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Saturday, 5 May 2018

As they walked out to the entrance, Two young guys with very rugged looks were standing in front of a car outside the shop. one of them  was heavily built while the other was slim, they were both wearing red bandanas on their heads, as  they moved closer and one of them said to the other one pointing to tunde “ you know see say the guy na cat, him get nine lives?” he was shocked and didn’t know what to do ,he looked at funke and she was steering at the guys with anger fully written on her face, he held her hand but she jacked it off him and went back into the shop ,like the guys knew what was about to happen , they quickly rushed tunde ,the  slimmer guy slapped his face so hard that he fell to the ground ,the other one put some sharp blows to his waist making him scream for help  but no one could come near, they handcuffed him, Then quickly lifted him from the ground , opened the car door and pushed him inside , one of them stayed with him at the back sit while the other ran to the front sit to start the car.

As he was about to start the car they heard a very loud noise “Boooooooooom!!!” the side window of the car immediately became shattered, they all covered their heads so as to avoid being injured then the guy sitting  beside him shouted “ go!!,go!! ,go!!,go!!” as the guy started the car and moved ,they heard another gunshot but this time no glass was broken but they still bowed their heard so as to avoid being hit.

After Driving for like 10min the guy driving said ”I tell you say she get gun, that  woman na craze woman o!!!” then the other guy still breathing hard said “ I swear!na craze woman she be,she nearly get me sha, that bullet pass my front ni o!!” tunde was still in shock from everything that happened but he was hearing what they were discussing , with fear in his voice he asked the guy sited beside him“ was it funke that shot at the car?” but to his surprise ,the guy hissed and gave him a hot slap in the face, tunde covered his face almost crying  then the guy said “ who ask you make you talk ehn?, who ask you? , look up my friend!” he looked up at him , he could see that he was almost crying then he laughed and said “ o boy see person o, I think say them talk say you be American detective? , detective na him come they cry like this?” tunde blinking seriously now he wanted to say “ I no be detective” but he didn’t finish the word detective before feeling another  hot slap on his face taaawayyyi!!!!” this time around he couldn’t help but just burst into tears , the pain was too much for him to handle. at this point the two guys busted into laugh ,then the one driving said “omo so all this things wey this oyinbo people they do for film no real, see as their detective they cry like baby, them no tell you say naija na rugged country? By the time we finish you ehn  your country people no go sabi you again!!” at that point tunde knew that his suffering in the hands of this people just began.

they drove for about 10 minutes more before arriving at a house with a red gate, the guy that was driving hit the car horn and few minutes later someone opened the gate from inside, as the car drove in he observed the house from the broken car window and saw that its wasn’t a very big house, just moderate, it shouldn’t be more than a 3 bedroom apartment.

As the car came to a halt, he saw a young guy around his early 20s or barely 20 years of age closed the gate behind them, he then came to the car window and said “ o boy? ,who bust this window na?” the guy sitting beside tunde got  out of the car but pulled him along with the neck of his shirt, “na that craze woman wey I tell you” he replied him, pulling tunde out of the car with his collar then dragged him into the house .

Funke broke down in tears after watching the car speed off, she would have followed it but there was no car or bike around at that moment, everyone had ran for their life after hearing gun shots, she was about going back into her shop when she noticed that tunde’s phone had dropped on the floor while they were beating him, she picked it up and entered into her shop. Funke picked up her phone and dialed osama’s  number, osama is the leader of the rival cult group that has been protecting her, his phone rang a couple of times but he didn’t pick so she sent him a text message explaining what happened and requesting to see him,she was confused and didn’t know what to do  so she packed her things and locked up the shop for the day.

She got home later that evening crying , she regret ever getting him involved in all her messed up life, then the  thought of letting dayo know what happened to his cousin came to her mind so she checked for his number on the tunde’s phone then dialed it, “ brotherly! how things” dayo said into the phone, she didn’t know what to say at first but later she found her voice “ no its not tunde, its me funke” she said , “ funke?, what is it this time around?” she was a bit nervous to tell him but she finally said “ tunde has been kidnapped by the scorpions” dayo with his usual inpatient attitude shouted “ I knew it !, yes I knew something as happened! , when you said its you that’s calling I know you have succeeded in getting him into another trouble, and he is so dumb and stupid ,he would listen to me!” she cuts in and said “ will you please leave all this sermon and lets figure out how to get him out of this problem?” dayo hissed and said” oh now you need my help!, you need us abi? Us?, I thought I was useless and all I do say is rubbish and now you need my help” she cuts in again”dayo what is the problem with you ,cant you just act like a man for once and stop talking much , honestly this your talkative attitude is even worse than your bad temper” those words touched him, he somehow realized that he as been talking too much indeed ,so he said “ you need my help and you are still insulting me?, honestly if not because he is my cousin I wouldn’t move and inch !“ she hissed and then said “ I don’t think you have anything good to offer self” then dropped the call , some seconds later the phone rang and she picked it “ i will stop by at your place when am coming back from work” then he dropped the call. Immediately he dropped he dropped the call , a call from osama came through to her phone , she picked and he said “ mama , i saw your message “ she relaxed and said “ how we go come take do am now osama“  he gave a long “hmmmm”sound then he said “ I go show for your house this night”.  

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