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Saturday, 5 May 2018

thank God funke is here, he doesn’t want her in his life anymore but he does not mind having her around at this crucial time “he thought ,as he lie on the hospital bed with plasters on his lips ,pop on his neck and also a broken leg ,he watched as she  sits there all day doing nothing but read novel and occasionally asking him if he is alright or if he needs something, also she does assist the nurse when she comes to give him injections .he stayed like that for complete two days before the doctor came on the 3rd day to observe his condition then told the nurse to remove the plaster on his lips that the injuries on his lips as healed , the first thing he said after the nurse that removed the plaster left was “ funke how long have I been here?”,she dropped the novel to move closer to the bed side, then said” I can hardly hear you ,can you say that again” then he repeated himself but to his surprise  she said “ tomorrow will make it a week since you got here” he tried to turn his neck to look at her but it was stiff and the pop wasn’t helping matters too so he decided to just say it without looking “what happened? i thought i have spent just two days ?” she smiled and said “ you only woke up two days ago, you have been in coma for 4 days” he was surprised , he that has never fainted before in his life was in coma ,he was about to ask another question when she said” please you need to rest now, the doctor said you shouldn’t talk much” he nodded my head in response then relaxed before sleeping off again.

It’s now 4 days at the hospital, funke told him that dayo was around the previous day but he was sleeping so he left because he had some things to do but he promised to be back that night. Funke hardly goes home, so he was a bit concerned, he asked her” who did you leave the store with?”  Without looking at him she said “I left it with a neighbors daughter, she usually assist me at the shop before she went for her exams, but lucky for me she’s back now “ just then they heard a knock on the door and tunde saw his cousin dayo walk in ” tunde you done wake?” a little smile came to his mouth “ yes now, na now you remember say you get cousin abi?” he laughed but said “ o boy you no go understand, that my oga wan finish me with work, na like say na only  me they work there, no vex abeg, so wetin they how you they feel now?” tunde gave him a tap in the hand signaling that he is getting stronger, he nodded back and said “correct guy” .

The two of them continued talking forgetting that funke was on sit, when tunde remembered he stopped talking looked her way and said “ why are you quiet? funke, what do you have to say about what we are discussing?” she just gave a sharp reply by saying” nothing! “ he smiled at her and said “ come on jare, are you guys still angry at each other?” dayo  interrupted him by saying” I don’t even want her here self, she is not suppose to be here  after all she as achieved her aim“ tunde raised his head bit from the bed and said “ what do you mean?” he nodded his head and said “ see let’s forget it abeg , all I know is if not for the doctor that insisted on having her around I would have preferred that she goes home” tunde was angry now  , he said “ why are you being ungrateful dayo, she has been  here  for more than a week now looking after me and all you could say his she shouldn’t be here? “ he hissed and said ” why wouldn’t she be here? , shes just trying to be nice after all she as caused , she’ s the reason why you are here, the car that ran you over was not an accident , it was the scorpions that wanted you dead!”.

“Is that true funke ?” she didn’t reply  then he continued “oh my God!! , have been such a big fool, how I wish “ then he stopped  himself before saying it , dayo tapped  him on the shoulder and said “ say it bro, say it, how you wish you never met her , am happy you now realized everything , this is not the type of woman to fall in love with she’s just  too evil!” at this point dayo was looking at tunde while talking , the next thing he saw was a hot slap on dayo’s face “taaaawwwaaayyyiii” funke was standing over him , ready to beat the hell out of dayo , she was over weighing him with her big stature ,very angry now as she kept saying “ don’t you ever talk about me like that again!!! , in your life!! , don’t you ever!!, I mean ever say those things to me again!,” dayo was so frightened, tunde as never seen him like that before , to be honest he almost burst into laughter but he held himself, she later left him and went back to where she was sitting to pick up are things ,at this point two nurses rushed in to ask what was happening, one of them looking very worried asked “ we heard noises from here what is going on ?” funke tried to make everything seem normal by saying “ it was nothing serious madam ,please don’t mind us ,we wear just having a little talk” the nurse didn’t look convinced though but she finally said “ please keep the noise down next time ,we have got a lot of patients here that needs enough rest to recover please” funke nodded  as the nurses tuned and left the room.

Immediately the nurses were out tunde asked funke “ were are you going with those bags?” she looked at him with a surprised face and said  “ where else will I be going, I thought you don’t need me here anymore, your dumb cousin can take care of you himself !” tunde forcing himself up a little from the bed then asked” but you know I didn’t say that?” , “ yes but you didn’t stop him from saying it either!, which means you support him!” she replied pointing to dayo ,dayo murmured  something from where he was, am sure she heard it but he didn’t , she dropped her bags and pounce on him the second time , this time around covering his mouth so he couldn’t shout, he felt  pity for his cousin , “see as woman they beat am like small pikin” he thought to himself.

tunde got tired of the drama later and shouted at her saying “ will you stop that nonsense funke !“ she stood up and gave him a warning sign with her right hand, feeling irritated he said ” you are just proving him right with all this nonsense you are doing, I thought you were a cool woman , matured and well  mannered  but I can see that you are just as he described you” she still looking angry she came closer to the bed and said “ go to hell!! , I thought you  were different too ,I thought you were different from all this stupid men that tries to run me over, stupid people that think they can insult me and my family, you are just one of them, if your cousin does not have manners I will teach him! , I will show him how to respect a woman!” the nurses came back this time around with security men and ordered both of them out of the room, at the end of the whole drama he was left with lots of thoughts.

tunde got out of the hospital a few days later but he was lonely, his boss had already called to inform him that he could take his time to recover well before returning, but he knows that there was no way he would go back to the u.s without having the urge to go back to work, he loved his job , so the only option was for him to stay back and fully recover before going back, but most importantly he was reluctant to leave funke, he was more in love with her than ever but at the same time his life is in danger.

  “What are these people showing for Gods sake!” angrily he switched off the television, brought out his cousins laptop to browse but yet he couldn’t find anything interesting to do there so he shut it down too. now lying down on the chair he thought ” its not as if everything is boring , funke was the reason why everything was, everything i watched , everything i read seems to remind me of her and this tends to make me miss her more ” he got up from the chair ,looked for something to put on before heading out to her shop.

  tunde came outside the gate wondering if he should walk or take a bike, the memeory of how he got hit was still fresh in his head so i dreaded walking on that street, he looked around and saw a bike coming, he allowed it to get really close to him while he observe the face of the rider very well before signaling for him to stop. he stopped and got on it, less than five minutes later they got to her shop ,he paid the bike man and walked in, funke was picking something’s from the shelf for a customer when he got in, and went straight to one of the other shelf’s to pick some snacks, he watched as she moves back to the counter to calculate how much the money was, after the customer left he took the snacks and moved to the counter, on getting there, he could see that she wasn’t surprised to see him , she looked up from the table and said ” well when did you get out?” he smiled and said ” or when did i get in here? ” still not smiling she said ” I saw you when you came in” tunde laughing now he said ” wait, so you saw me and you pretended like you didn’t ” he could see that she was trying so hard not to smile as she said ” well I see everything that goes on around here” ” wow that’s cool “was his reply, ” so will you answer my question now or you are still wandering how I saw you?” she asked ,” you self , ok I got out on Tuesday, I wanted to call you but I already know what your answer would be” she folding are hands around her chest now she said “and what is that? ‘ he smiled and said “well maybe you have not heard of the saying that, never take for granted the feelings of a good woman,am really sorry funke, I didn’t mean to behave like that towards you” she smile a little , he looked her in the face and said” come on lets see it, I can see that you have been forcing back the smile for a while now ,just let it out” she smiled more revealing most of her teeth, covering it now she said” you are funny ” he winked at her and said ” well that’s what God created me for , specially to make you smile” she laughed a lot more then when she later caught her breath she said ” wait wait, am the ones that is suppose to apologize for the way I acted that day, am really sorry ,those insults from dayo really got to me ” tunde forming a cool guy now he said ” it’s ok dear, let’s just forget it, but really you be strong woman o” she smiled and said ” strong indeed!, if you see me when I got home that day ehn, I cried all night ” . they talked a little longer then he said , I need to go home now am starting to feel weak,the doctor said I shouldn’t stress myself much ” she quickely took some provisions off the shelf bagged them then ,using her hand to indicate that she seeing him off,  as they walked to the entrance of the shop what he saw shocked him.     

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