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Saturday, 5 May 2018

he became worried, thinking of why she refused his invitation “why did she refuse to come when she found out dayo was his cousin ? what could have happened between them” a knock on his room door brought him back to reality “ come in he said , dayo walks in smiling and shouting “badoo, how your night?” it was cool jare he replied ,he sat on the bed and they chatted for a while ,then an idea came to him, then I said” I don’t think there are any more drinks in the fridge, do you have idea if funke’ s store  will be opened today “ dayo he looked at him with what  seemed to be a calm reaction but tunde could see the curiousness in he’s eyes, then he said “ who is funke ? “ wait you mean you have stayed in this neighborhood for years and you don’t know who is funke, ok she owns the store down the street “ he gave a cruel smile while nodding his head simultaneously and said “oh mercy, that’s what we call her around here, i never knew she bears funke , seems you guys are getting along pretty well for her to tell you her  other name, so tell me, what else did she tell you ” tunde looked at him and said “ nothing else we are just friends “ he smiled and said “ ok sha, I don’t think she will ,don’t worry we will go some other places” he started thinking there was actually nothing between them  because dayo didn’t give much reactions to be worried about until he said “ you seems to be having fun around the neighborhood and am really happy about that but please don’t get yourself involved in any around here “ he stood up and left the room.

The next day he went to funke’s store as usual but to his surprise she as not opened her store,he tried her number but it was not available so he waited for about 2 hours but yet  she didn’t come ,so he went back to the house. Later that evening he tried her number again and he was filled with so much joy as he head the first tone signaling that its ringing, “ hello!” she said “ na wa o what happened since morning have been trying to reach you” then she said “ am really sorry dear, I had to take my younger sister back to school this morning”  wait you still have a younger sister ? he asked “ sure I do naw , she’s the baby of the house , almost through with secondary school though ,she’s in her final year “  wow that’s interesting , any ways when are you going to open the store ? ,then she said “ am at the store already”  surprised he said “really?  I didnt know that , see you in a minute”, he hanged up the phone and rushed to her shop.

On getting to her shop she welcomed him with a smile and said “ am sorry “ no problem dear” then she said “ so how has been your day?” not fine jare have been worried , but it’s still better than yesterday sha “ what happened yesterday?” she replied , “ have you forgotten that you refused my invite” he asked jokingly ,then she said  with a changed face and now frowning” tunde please I don’t want to talk about that, I wouldn’t appreciate you bringing up that matter again please!” he observed her for a minute then said “ am sorry , but don’t you think I deserve to know why” now looking at him with a little anger on her face she said “tunde I said stop it!” now smiling he said “ am sorry , can’t you see that I was joking with you “ still looking angry she said “ I don’t like it!!” he kept smiling just to indicate that he was joking , she  later smiled when he cracked some jokes and from there they talked about other things for a while even agued with some customers on some relationship issues that was been discussed on the radio.he was about going when he said to her “funke  will you go on a date with me? “ she smiled and looked at him then said “hmmm, I would have loved to but there is no one  to leave my shop with” he looked at her still smiling then said, ok what about after you closed the shop  , she laughed and said “ hun hun hun , am sorry dear but I don’t keep late night” the smile on his face disappeared and he was now looking serious then said “ ok no problem if you don’t want to go out with me “ she looked at him with a serious face too and said “ no its not what you think , I honestly don’t keep late nights “ he drew in a deep breath and said ok , but to his surprise she said with a teasing eyes   “  will you like to come over to my place” with excitement all written on his face he said “ are you serious , I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world” she laughed and said “ ok then  I will give you a call when I  closed the shop, “ ok dear I will be expecting” he left the shop smiling.

he got a call from her that night telling him how to get to her house on the street, It was a bit farther than the shop so he trekked down, he didn’t even call his cousin to let him know he was going out because he fear he might discourage me, so I left for her house.

on getting  there he was invited inside a well furnished  house with not too big space just moderate. “ you are welcome to my place she said “  he laughed and said “you are funny , abeg leave all the formality jare” in order not to make the whole thing boring he asked her” so what did you cook?” she smiled at him and said “ hope you don’t mind rice and plantain” he looking at her and said “ hmmm!!!,  have  I ever told you that’s my favorite but  ” she rolled her eyes and said “ok let me tell you the truth , you did tell me” they both laughed and moved to the kitchen to eat on the dining table .

After eating they both talked for a while about religion, music and movies , although he did most of the listening while he allowed her to talk ,he kept nodding his head in response but deep down in his heart  he wanted to kiss her badly ,wanted to touch her, he never used to love fat women but this one got him turned on, he kept his eyes on her lips and the more he steer at her the more he wanted her so badly so he learned forward and kissed her on the lips ,she just paused while he kissed her, she kissed him back taken his lips in her mouth then he withdrew from her and smiled, then I said “ hmm you were saying  something “ she looked at him and try to talk but she couldn’t , she tried again but the words would not just come out ,then he learned forward to kiss her again, this time she was ready for him because he felt the passion with which she kissed him, later on they were both out of their cloths and making  love in the bedroom he didn’t even remember how they got there ,but what he noticed was that he has never used so much energy while making love to a woman ,he was exhausted but really it was the best s-x he ever had.

It was around 11pm when his phone rang, he looked at the screen and it was his cousin dayo he picked it and said “ hello bro” he could sense that he was troubled while he said” o boy were you dey na!” he laughed and said “ calm down I they my babe house “ still troubled he said “your babe?! , you no tell me say you  done get babe na!!” him still laughing when I said “ no worry jare, me wan crash here tonight , I go come back tomorrow “  then he said “ wait hope say no be funke house you they sha !!“ then he replied “ who else naw ?na she”  with a low voice he said “ ok o ,sha be careful, I don’t want her to involve you in all this” tunde changed his position on the bed so that he could be backing her then said “ what do you mean ?” then he said with a warning tone “ sha be careful! , i don’t want you to get hurt, please be back early tomorrow “ he said  then dropped the call.

he switched off his phone and turned back but funke was already sleeping so he slept beside her. the next morning  he was still sleeping when he felt someone’s hand touching me, he woke up to see funke’s head on his chest  while she uses her hand to rub his stomach, she was heavy but he didn’t mind , then he said with a sleeping voice “ good morning honey”  she smiled and said “good morning dear, hope you had a nice night” he smiled back and said “sure I did, you were fast asleep yesterday “  without looking at him she said “ yes now!,who wouldn’t after you handled me like that” she taped his stomach, “so you enjoyed it?” he asked, she chuckled and gave him a soft kiss on the lip then she withdrew back to her former position. While steering at her a thought came to my head then he said “I want to ask you a question and I don’t want you to cut me off” she adjusted but didn’t say a word then he continued” I demand to know what is between you and dayo”  yet she didn’t say a word, “ funke !“ he called her name , she just adjusted but didn’t say anything ,then I was about to say something when she said “ its better you don’t know about it, I don’t want to get you involved” he leaned up, now looking serious, “ I can take it, funke, I can take anything, was he your ex boyfriend or something? “ now she lifted herself up and moved to her own side of the bed, then she said “ no he wasn’t my ex boyfriend, he was my brothers friend” she paused and he said “ok am listening”  she continued “ dayo was a friend to my elder brother kunle , when dayo moved to this neighborhood he became friends with my brother,  kunle was a decent guy but dayo influenced him, he thought him all kind of things, he changed my brother, thought him how to take all kind of hard drugs ,cocaine, Indian hemp and all likes, my brother started misbehaving  when he became an addict, dayo was a bad influence on him ,he knew how take control his urge when he needed to take those things but he didn’t teach kunle that” now crying, he moved closer to her so she could rest her head on my chest again while she continued” the other time I came late to work , after dropping my sister at  school, I went over to see him” now sobbing seriously , he put his hand on her back to calm her down then he said “ were is your brother now?” she wiped her eyes and said the psychiatric hospital” he allowed her to take her time before she continued, “after dad  died kunle  was our hope of survival, he was our everything ,very hard working and religious until he met your cousin” me still rubbing her back then she said “ after  he was admitted to the hospital ,mum and I made the police arrest dayo and the  supplier of those drugs  after  which we got death threats from the group, mum died in the process too, I tried to fight on but the threats were too much for me to handle so I dropped the case”  .

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