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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Tunde was very scared, he doesn’t know what to do because capon was still holding on to him, using him as shield  for himself. As the fight between the two cult groups continued capon kept shifting towards the main gate of the building, tunde felt the fear in his voice too as he ordered his boys to keep fighting , he kept moving towards the gate while he used tunde as shield.

Suddenly tunde heard a sharp cry from capon who was holding him tight on the neck, as capon continued whining, he felt a slight loose in his grip so he decided to take the chance to free himself , on turning back to get a view of what was happening , he saw capon trying to remove a knife that was cut into his collar bone, tunde was confused at the same time irritated by the site of the blood gushing out of the knife wound , he didn’t know if he should help him remove the knife or just leave him and run away.

As he was still contemplating what to do , he saw a fiercely looking man he believe should be a member of the scorpions , the man looked at capon as he tried to remove the knife ,he went on his knees and helped him get the knife out of his collar bone, then he looked up at tunde and made a run towards him with a knife, tunde began to run, the man didn’t stop as he continued chasing him down , at first tunde contemplated waiting for the man , he knew he couldn’t run too far before the man catch  up with him but he still tries to run , after few steps , the man stroke him with the knife.  Before tunde could look at where the knife had cut him ,the fiercely looking man punched a blow to his face and before he knew what was happening , he was on the floor crying in pain, the man mounted him ,pulled out the knife again, and tried to stab him in the chest , but  to his surprise the he suddenly stopped   as he was about to bring down the knife on him, few seconds later he saw drops of blood  from the man’s head ,someone had struck him from behind  but he didn’t know who it was, the man fell heavily on him ,hitting tunde’s  head hard on the floor, tunde cried in pain and tried pushing the body away from him but he was weak  because of the blood he has wasted, as he struggles to get the man off him, he noticed  that someone was helping him as well, as the person lifted the dead body from his head, the person he saw surprised him.

Standing over the dead body was the young man that gave him water during his lock up, tunde was confused, “is he trying to help him? or he is taking orders from capon or anyone in control at that time?” , the young man stretched his hand to him , tunde grabbed it and whine as he tries to get up, he wasn’t fully on his feet when he noticed the sudden stiffness of the young man’s hand , his hand was cold and it wasn’t moving anymore, he wasn’t trying to pull him up anymore, tunde fell back on his back and then he looked up and realized what has happened ,the young man had been struck in the head by another man, he watched in horror as the young man fell to the ground with his face, tunde was scared he has never held the hand of a dyeing person before, but his problem continued when he realized that the man who struck the young man was about to  strike him to death too, he tried moving but his body was heavy due to weakness, the man raised his cutlass but to his surprise again someone had come to his rescue .      

As the man was about to bring down his cutlass on him, tunde heard a gun short “Booooom!” first he was scared that the man was trying to hack him to death, but on hearing the sound of the gun he became more scared because he didn’t know the direction it was coming from, he then let out a scream while he closed his eyes not wanting to look at the man.

He opened his eyes  some minutes later and saw that the man that was trying to kill him was on his knees, the cutlass had fell from his hand, he was moving slowly till he fell on his back, tunde looked at the direction of the main gate and who he saw surprised him.

Funke was standing at the gate with a gun in her hand pointing towards his direction,it was obvious that she short the man, moments later she lowered the gun and rushed towards him, looking around to see if anyone was coming to attack them ,she helped him to get on his feet then hurriedly walk towards the gate. Dayo was sitting in the car looking back at interval to see if anyone was coming from behind him, he was scared.

Moments later he saw funke emerged from the gate with tunde’s  right hand wrapped around her neck while her left hand was on his waist to support him as he walked. Dayo rushed towards them, grabbed tunde’s left hand then placed it on his neck also while they rush him towards the car.

They were almost at the car now when they notice a police van coming in their direction, funke tried to move faster so she could get tunde in the car before the police could get to them, but the van was on full speed. As the van was few meters from them, the driver stepped on break and the car tires screeches before it  stopped ,  six police men got out hurriedly and pointed their guns to them , just as they were shouting and giving them orders to get down on their feet, tunde looked at funke to see if she was still holding her gun but he realized that she wasn’t holding it so he was relieved, the three of them went on their knees , two of the police men stepped forward with handcuffs  but just then they heard car noises ,looking up they saw three more police vans loaded with officers, a man came down from the second van and surprisingly he said “ Dayo is this your cousin?” dayo looking up with a little smile now said “yes! This is my cousin and his girlfriend” the man looked in the way of the house and said, “ that is where we are operating! , let these people  go! “ the officers quickly saluted the man then matched towards  the gate of the house leaving the three of them.

They got tunde into the car some minutes later then dayo took the wheel as he then hurriedly drive to the hospital .has he was driving funke was at the back seat with tunde parting his head making sure that he’s eyes were still  open  and screaming at Dayo to drive faster, she  tore a small  part of his cloth, and used it to cover the spot where he was wounded, tunde cried as she touched the surface of the wound with the cloth but she covered his mouth and ask him to calm down ,she told him that he has lost enough blood  and she needs to stop the bleeding before he faints, she applied more pressure to the wound making sure the blood was getting little or no chance of flowing any longer .

Dayo was driving with fear , praying and hoping  that nothing happens to his cousin, he drove  as fast as he could, overtaking cars he met on the driveway .About ten minutes later he got to the hospital, but as he parked the car so he could assist funke in getting tunde into the hospital, he noticed tears flowing from funke’s, eyes with the greatest fear he could ever feel  he asked “what happened!!!!!? “      

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