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Friday, 6 April 2018

Episode 7

I lost my parents when i was very young n went into
prostitution when i was in school,sleeping with anything in
trouser just to get money n live fine.
I aborted many
pregnancies,n at a time i just get tired of dt kind of life n
decided to opt out of prostitution..but then,unknown to
me,i was already carrying a pregnancy which i didnt know
who was responsible for it.
For a reason i couldnt really explain,i decided to have d
I had a baby girl,named Temidara n was taken care of her
Since i didnt know who her father was,i gave her a
surname,Omoolorun which means a child of God.
When Temi was 2yrs old,i gave my life to Jesus n i was
seriously enjoying my new life in Christ.
About a year n half later,i met a man who proposed to

He was born again and feared the Lord.
We got married about six months later,n we had one of d
best marriages in d world.
Though,i didnt have a child for him,
the man loved me so
much despite pressures from his friends n family members
to leave me n find another lady,having known my past.
We both continued to serve God with all of our
hearts,trusting Him dt one day,He would shut up d mouths
of our enemies n give us a child.
Then,d unexpected happened.
After 7yrs of marriage,my husband slumped n died in
church one sunday morning.
He was d one dt drove us to church dt day,he didnt
complain of having any pain earlier.
U wouldnt like to hear what i went tru in d hands of his
family members afterwards.I was treated like an animal.
Thank God for my pastor n church members dt came to my
rescue.I was not allowed to take anything out of d
house,not even my own belongings. It took my pastor’s
intervention before i could be allowed to take my
They said i was responsible for d death of dir
Months later,i found myself sleeping around with men who
were coming to render one assistance or d other.I knew it
wasnt good,but i just couldnt help myself.
I prayed n prayed for God to deliver me,but d more i
prayed,d more i found myself in it.People in d church were
seeing me as a strong woman,but i knew i was as weak n
helpless as a worm.
Then,one day we were having a special programme in
church,n a guest minister was invited.
As he was ministering,he paused n said “God is telling
me,dt dir’s a woman here,who lost her husband sometime
ago,n has since been sleeping with men,both married n
U know its not good n has bn praying abt it,if only u
can come out now,God wants to deliver u. Everybody close ur
It took me quite some time before i could come out.In
fact,it was d Holyspirit dt pushed me out.
D man prayed for me,n since dt day i was delivered.
Some women picked quarell with me later,suspecting dir
husbands were among d men i was sleeping with.How they
knew i was d one dt came out,i wouldnt know. Afterall,d
pastor told everybody to close dir eyes.
About 3 months later,d same man of God dt ministered to
me,sent my pastor to tell me dt God told him to marry me.
I was surprised..”but,doesnt he have a wife?”.I asked my
“He lost his wife last year”.He answered.
Dt man of God is Pastor Williams.
We got married,and exactly a year later,we had a set of
twins..a boy n a girl.
Dt was why i told u d other time,dt if God could have mercy
on me,He would surely have mercy on u too.
Look at 1cor 10:13.God will provide an escape route
for u if u are His child,when u fall into d enemy’s
trap,provided u ask for forgiveness n obey His leading.

So,u see my dear,dir’s nobody without a past,but it doesnt
matter how ugly ur past is,a bright future awaits u if u are
in Christ Jesus..said Mrs Williams.
Now,to ur situation.
She continued..We must find a means by
which ur parents would hear about it,n then we take it up
from there.
Let me talk to my husband about it,as i cant handle ds
alone,then i’ll get back to u. When she left,i started thinking..i was so blessed n
encouraged by her testimony,at least to learn dt someone
with such an ugly past could turn out to be a pastor with ds
motherly love n gesture is so amazing. Her words made me
to develop a kind of courage n inner confidence coupled
with faith dt God who made a way for her,is still dir to
make a way for me too. Again,i remembered my dad!.
I sighed. Next weekend,he would be marking his 60th
birthday,n expected me to be dir.How would i do it Lord?. Later in d evening,Mrs Williams came to me n said “I’m
sorry,i had to discuss ur case with my husband,its not my
usual way of handling matters,but in a situation like ds,he
just have to be involved.Like i told u earlier,i can’t handle
it alone. “No problem ma”.I said.
“Now,we have decided to go with u to Lagos to attend ur
dad’s birthday,n thereby,use d opportunity to break d news
to him n other members of d family.”
I could hear my heart beating very fast,in fact,i almost
“When exactly is d birthday?” she asked.
“It’s friday ma”.I answered.
“Oh!.I thought its saturday”.
“D birthday falls on friday,n he doesnt want to shift it to
saturday,since dir’s a public holiday dt friday”.I said. “Dt’s beautiful then,we’ll leave on friday morning,grace d
occasion with him n break d news later in d evening when
all d guests have left.”
And,dt was just what we did.
My dad n everybody was shocked!.
“Adesewa temi?..No it’s a lie!. How can i believe ds?.How
come?.How did it happen?. Where would i hide my face in d
church?,among my christian friends?.What will i tell my
pastor?. Ahahahah Yetunde!.I never expected ds from u.Oh my
My mum was just weeping.
My sisters n i were weeping too.
Later,my dad said “Go with ur pastor o,i dont want to see
u. U’ve put me to shame.I dont want to set my eyes on u”. We all knelt down n started begging him with tears flowing
in our eyes,but he declined.
He was too hurt.I knew why it was so painful for him. He was so proud of me,always treating me as his only daughter.
At a time,Pastor Williams excused him to his room,where
they spoke for about an hour. Pastor Mrs also took my mum to d corridor for a private

By d time they came back,my dad was a bit calm,but i
could see he was still boiling. D next day,i left with d Williams to Oyan.
My dad never called since then,it was only mummy dt was
calling me from time to time to ask about my welfare n to
encourage me.I never knew she was dt loving. I was staying with my pastor n his family as Mrs Williams
didnt allow me to go back to my house.
When we came back from Lagos,Mrs Williams said “Now call
Bode tell him to come home n see u,n dt u are not going to
terminate d pregnancy,let’s hear what he will have to say.”

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