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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Episode 2

Daddy did not give me money that day. He was so crossed with
me,it was mummy that gave me transport fare and a stipend
which I managed till January allowance was paid.
Thank God for the foodstuff I took with me from home,I would
have learnt a wonderful lesson from “Mr Hunger”. On getting back to Oyan, Bode was still around because there was no
money for him to return to school. I told him what I went
through because of him, and even then, I wasn’t sure if my dad would
send me money again as usual,so I couldn’t give him money.
He felt sorry for me, and told me he would source for money

I didn’t know how he did it,but he went back to school
the following week.
Soon there was a rumour among the choir members that something
was going on between Bode and I. Before I knew it,it became viral
among church members.
One Sunday morning,Pastor Mrs Williams sent somebody to tell
me she would like to see me after service. I wasn’t myself
throughout the service. I kept thinking “what did I do?,why does
she want to see me?….Anyway,I said to myself,if it’s because of
Bode,there’s nothing between us,and that is just what I will tell

I didn’t hear anything in church that day,I was already
devastated by the rumour going on,and this?….
Finally,the service was over. I found myself sitting next to Pastor
Mrs Williams on a three seaters sofa inside the pastor’s office.
Good afternoon ma.
How are you my dear?.
I’m fine ma.

“I know you would be wondering why I wanted to see you..said Mrs
Williams”. “Yes ma”.I answered.
She continued….It’s about a rumour going on in the church. Can you
please shed more light on the relationship between you and Bode?.
“Ma, Bode is like a younger brother to me,nothing more.
me ma. I only render assistance to him whenever he’s in
need,and that has even stopped now.” I told her.
Anyway,I’ve denied it on your behalf,I only wanted to confirm
from you, because the very first day I set my eyes on you,I knew you came
from a christian home,and I have no doubt in my spirit that you are well trained
..but then,I want you to be very careful because there is
power in tongues. Don’t give the devil any chance at all,and don’t
trust yourself..if you see or hear a child of God saying “I trust
myself,I can never commit fornication”..then,you have heard or
seen someone at the verge of falling. Remember 1 Cor 10 v.12.
So,please be very careful and the Lord shall help you IJN.
I said “Thank you ma”,and left the office.
As I was going home,I was telling myself “Now, I really need to
be very careful….though there was nothing between us
really,but how could anybody think I could be dating a boy
about the same age with Oyindamola
..our second to the last
born?,not even the one next to me!..Well,I just need to be
careful,help me Oh Lord!”.

Finally,it was 1st of April, my birthday. Bisi n some of d sisters of NCCF
came to my house to help in d cooking. The birthday was fixed for
12pm,since we would be having choir practise by 5pm.
We ate,drank n made merry,in fact,it was indeed a memorable
I really enjoyed myself. Pastor Mrs Williams gave a
short exhortation. She titled d message Unique Grace,citing
practical examples from her own life experiences. We were all
Despite d short notice,i was so surprised to see that some people
still came with gifts. D most surprising one was d one sent to
me from Bode’s mum.

When Bode gave me d gift,i asked him how she knew bcs i
remembered i didnt tell her when i saw her in d market d
previous day,he said he was d one dt told her,n she said “no
wonder she came to buy many ingredients yesterday!”. She
then rushed inside her room n came out with a pack of 4 glass
“Help me to wrap ds n give it to her,tell her i wish her long life
n prosperity”.
On hearing ds,i automatically fell in love with d woman. I
collected it from him with thanks n after d birthday,we went
to church for d choir practise. We ended d practise around 7pm.
Everybody left for their houses. Bode was discussing with one
of d brothers when i left d church.

I got to my room around 7.15pm,d sisters dt stayed to clean d
plates n utensils we used for d birthday did a thorough
job, they tidied up everywhere,including my room,n set
everything in place.
I laid on my bed,closed my eyes,thanking God for d day n
everyone He used to make d day a lovely one,when i heard a
knock on d door.
“Who is dt?”. I asked as i quickly came out of my thought.
“It’s Bode o”.
Of course,i could recognise his voice.
“Come in,d door is not locked” i answered.
Before he could enter,i quickly got up n sat on d bed,i adjusted
my dress n brushed my hair backwards with my right hand. I
wondered why he came back,after all he’s been in my house
since morning.

When he entered,he sat down on a plastic chair in d room. He
said his mum told him i came to buy ingredients from her d
previous day,n dt she loves my simplicity,n all those stuff. He
said some other things,n upon all,i could get dt he really didn’t
have anything important to discuss with me,he only wanted to
see my face again.
When d time was moving to few minutes before 9pm,i told him
to be going,as its getting too late, more so, his mum had been
Finally,he got up n said “OK, Sis Sewa, good night”.
He came over to where i was,n gave me a very tight n warm
I could sense a feeling from dt hug,but i ignored it.
Anyway,he left dt night.

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