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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Episode 8

Some weeks later, Remilekun’s parents and mine meet for an introduction. I am happy that her parents receive us with joviality. Remilekun and her mother really look alike in terms of elegance and beauty. I get excited when Remilekun’s father says that honourable personalities would be present on our wedding day; such as people in government. They are disappointed that my father is not alive and they pay their condolences.
My mother and three relatives are the ones on seat. However, everything ends with merriment. I can see a smile of satisfaction on my mother’s face. She whispers to my ear that Remilekun has a good background unlike Titi whose father is mentally retarded. I am just realizing that Titi had left my life for good according to the heart-breaking letter she left for me.
But two weeks to our wedding day, Remilekun visits my house and she meets me where I am reading my daily times as usual. Soon, a shocking news unfolds before my eyes. I can’t resist the tears that ooze out of my eyes.
“Honey, what is it?” Remilekun asks with shock in her voice.

I have been reading about a young man who was arrested for drugs and human parts trafficking. The man and his wife were apprehended together because the man points out that his wife knows about his job. According to the report, the obnoxious man says that the day his wife caught a human part with him they both take an oath – If his wife ever leaks the story she would run mad. More so, he had given her a condition that if she wouldn’t take the oath there and then he would add her to his victims. He further says that the fetish he used for the oath wasn’t potent, but he had to fake it because it’s hard for a woman to keep a secret.

Report states that the man had murdered up to twenty infants and seventeen grownups. At first I skimmed through the content, but when I began to pay attention on the details I discovered that the names of the couple are mentioned. The wife shares same name and surname with my ex-wife. When I examined the images of the criminals, a cold shiver ran down my spine as I realized that Titi is in their midst. in fact I can see her weeping profusely amongst five men. I guess the others are the accomplices.
The reason for my irresistible tears is that this same Titi told me a similar story about her roommate in the university.
The girl is Naomi by name and she had a boyfriend called Harrison. The both lovers had been together right from 100 level. Harrison had come from a rich home, and of course Naomi was proud of him. He would buy Naomi the latest clothes, shoes, jewelries, perfume and the likes.

Naomi became one of the biggest girls on campus for her dazzling beauty and her latest-in-town wears. But when they got to 300 level Harrison’s parents were duped of a multimillion naira which consequently subdued their wealth to a drastic level. Thenceforth, Harrison hardly fed himself let alone catering for his girlfriend. Naomi was disappointed, but she coped with Harrison for two semesters, hoping that everything would come back in place.
At a time she couldn’t bear it any longer. Her high status was beginning to fall on campus. When the shame was too much she began to engage in prostitution in order to keep up with other big girls. She would follow other big girls to clubs where they would meet big men. She didn’t give Harrison much attention again, and she scarcely picked up his phone call.

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