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Thursday, 19 April 2018

I left the restuarant with
just hundred naira. what
those ladies did to me
showed that they have no
conscience. They didn’t
consider the fact that I’m a
student. I still thanked God
that the hundred naira left
with me would be enough for
me to take a bus back home.
After lecture for that day,
Sharon reminded me of our
tutorial and I assured her that
it would hold. she said she
would be coming to my place
by 6pm. I left the school
immediately to prepare myself
before she comes. I made sure
that everything in my room
were well arranged. I placed
the two plastic chairs in a spot
where it would be comfortable
for her, because I don’t think
having it close to my bed
would be comfortable for her.
Just exactly 5:45pm, my phone
started ringing. I picked the
call when I realized Sharon
was the caller.
“hello Sharon” i said
“hi Christian. I’m on my way
“okay, I’m waiting” I
“I will be there in ten
minutes” she said
“okay” i responded
I ended the calll and took a
deep breath. I assured myself
that all would be well. I had
prepared for this already so I
had nothing to be scared of.
15minutes later, I heard a
knock on my door and I knew
she was the one. ‘Christian
you can do this’. I said to
myself as I walked to the door.
I open the door and froze at
the beauty before me. I stared
at her open-mouthed. I knew
Sharon is a pretty lady, but
didn’t know she is as gorgeous
as the lady standing at my
door. it was as if she came to
intimidate me with her

“will you let me in or keep
staring at me” she said when I
didn’t say a word after
opening the door.
“sorry” i said and quickly gave
way for her to enter. I locked
the door immediately she
entered. I could see her
admiring the beauty of my
“wow! you have a nice place”
she said
“thanks” I responded
“please have a seat” I said
pointing at the plastic chair in
my room.
She ignored the chair I was
pointing at and went to sit on
my bed. I stood at a spot,
wondering if I was supposed to
sit beside her on my bed or
just sit on the plastic chair
“won’t you come and sit down
let’s start the tutorial” she said
when I wouldn’t move from
the spot I was standing.
“oh sorry” i said and
immediately went to sit on the
I made sure there was a
reasonable distance between
us. she brought out her
notebook from her handbag
and move closer to me. Her
closeness made me
uncomfortable. I suddenly
became nervous. this was what
I was trying to avoid. I
wouldn’t be able to tutor her if
I’m nervous. she flipped
through her notebook and
showed me a particular topic.
“I want us to start from here.
this particular topic had been
giving me headache.”
Her face was very close to
mine as she speaks. i tried not
to look at her. I wasn’t even
looking at what she was
showing me. I just fixed my
gaze on the two plastic chairs
in my room. she noticed I
wasn’t looking at what she was
showing me.
“Christian, are you paying
attention to what I’m saying”
she asked
“yes” I said, directing my gaze
to the notebook she was

“so where should we start
from?” I asked
she showed me the topic she
wanted me to teach her.
“okay you want to learn how
to use implicit differentiation
to find the marginal rate of
technical substitution” I said
“yes, but that’s not all. you
still have a lot to teach me, but
let’s start from there”
“okay, where is your pen?” I
she gave me her pen and
move even closer to me,
making her head to rest on my
shoulder. My room suddenly
became too hot for me to stay.
A hot sweat rolled from my
forehead down to my neck. my
heart was pounding faster.
“can we start” she asked
“okay” I responded
“marginal rate of technical
substitution is also known as
slope of an isoquant” I paused
“okay” I continued
“An isoquant depicts the
different combination of input
K and L that can be used to
produce a specific level of
quantity Q” I paused again
“okay” I continued
“one of such…….”
“Christian!” she cut it
“why do you keep saying okay,
okay, okay. I already know all
what you are trying to explain.
I want you to move to the
calculation part. that’s where
I’m having problem”
“you see Sharon”I said calmly
“I haven’t been myself since I
returned from school today. I
have been having terrible
“why didn’t you tell me all this
while?” she asked
she placed her hand on my
“have you taking drugs?” she
“yes” I responded
“you should have told me so
that I wouldn’t have come.
your health is important and
you need to take good care of
yourself. maybe I will leave
and come back tomorrow” she
I heaved a sigh of relief when
she said that.
“okay. I’m really sorry” I
“you don’t have to apologize.
your health comes first”
“thanks for your
understanding” I said
“okay see you tomorrow” she
“see you too” I responded
she stood up, carry her bag
and left

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