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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

All eyes in class turned
to my direction
immediately they heard
my score. I felt
embarrassed at the number of
eyes staring at me. All of a
sudden, a crowd had formed
round us. My test script kept
going from one hand to the
other. The number of
questions that I was asked got
me frustrated. I only tried to
force a smile to conceal my
frustration. I was relieved
when a lecturer walked into
the class. Everyone went back
to their different seat. The
lecturer went straight to the
business of the day without
preamble. He was quite a strict
lecturer. His class was not
interactive at all. He asked no
question and didn’t entertain
any question. I seemed to like
his method of teaching
because it would save me the
stress of answering question
in class.

I sneaked out of the class just
few minutes to the end of the
lecture to avoid any question
from my coursemates. I left the
faculty building and was about
going home. I heard someone
screaming my name just when
I was about going out from the
school gate. I turned to see my
coursemate, Mustack running
towards me. Mustack was the
same guy I walked into the
class with today. He was
gasping for air when he got to
“guy how far” I said to him
“guy you be flash?” he asked
“it hasn’t been up to a minute
I saw you leaving the class and
you are already at the school
gate. why didn’t you wait until
lecture was over before leaving
the class?” he asked
“the lecturer was already
rounding up when I left” I
“so where are you heading?”
he asked
“home” I answered
“you are going home. have you
forgotten today is Friday?” he
His question made me
confused. I never remembered
planning to do anything with
him on Friday.
“what’s happening on Friday?”
I asked
“are you asking me like you
don’t know” he said.
“don’t you know that we are
supposed to be out there
having fun on a Friday”
This guy didn’t know the kind
of person I am, because if he
knew, he wouldn’t be taking
about going out to have fun.
“there is this particular bar
very close to school, it’s
always lively on Fridays. Let’s
go there so that I can buy you
a drink”
On a normal day, I would have
declined his offer, because I
don’t like being in such places.
I’m never comfortable being in
such places, but this might be
my opportunity of making
friends with him. I have
always been a loner since I
gained admission into the
university. so I would not
reject his offer.

“Are you sure that the place
will be lively just like you
said?” i asked trying to show
interest in his offer
“you just have to see the place.
it is always flocked with
ladies” he replied
My heart missed a beat at the
mention of ladies but I tried to
look calm.
“Wow! that would be great
then” I said masking my
nervousness with a smile
“then let’s start going there
already” he said smiling also
“alright bro” I responded
We headed straight to the bar
and just like he said, the place
was very lively. the number of
ladies I saw when we walked
in increased my heartbeat. we
located an empty seat at the
front and sat down. Mustack
beckoned the barman and he
approached us immediately.
“what will you like to have?”
the barman asked Mustack
“give me Goldberg” Mustack
“what will you like to drink?”
Mustack asked me
“anything” I answered
He looked at me in disgust
“is anything a name of drink?”
he asked
“why are you behaving like a
shy lady who went on a date
for the first time with her
crush” he said to me.
His words hit a vital part in
my body. He just referred to
me as a shy lady. Even when I
tried as much as possible not
to show my nervousness, he
still noticed it.
I could only force a smile.
“okay give me Goldberg” I
The barman left immediately
to get our drinks while
Mustack and I engaged in a

After few minutes, I saw
Mustack looking at a particular
direction. I followed the
direction he was looking at to
realize he was actually looking
at a particular lady at the far-
“that lady is very beautiful” he
said to me
“yeah” I responded
“I won’t forgive myself if I
don’t get her number” he said
“do you know her?” I asked
“must I know her to get her
number” he answered
Mustack stood up and was
walking towards the lady
“where are you going?” I asked
“to get her number of course”
he answered
I watched as Mustack
approached the lady and sat
beside her. just after few
minutes of taking to her, I
could see the lady laughing out
loud. what could he have said
to her that was making her
laugh? I suddenly wished I was
like Mustack, but no, I’m
Christian, the shy guy. When
will I ever make a lady laugh
just the way Mustack did to
that lady?
All of a sudden, Mustack and
the lady stood up and was
walking towards me. I could
hear my heart pounding in my
chest as I wondered what they
might be coming for.

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