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Friday, 20 April 2018

I left the garden and went
straight home. I got home
exactly 5:55pm. I lay on
my bed to rest a bit
before Sharon comes. any
moment from now, she will be
here. I thought
I waited for the next 30
minutes but she didn’t show
up. I thought she said she was
on her way already. I waited
for the next ten minutes but
she still didn’t show up. I took
my phone from my bed to call
her. immediately I took my
phone, her call came in. I
picked the call immediately.
“hello Sharon, where are you?”
I asked
“I’m very sorry Christian. I
won’t be coming anymore. I
got a call from the course
adviser that all course rep
should assemble in school. I’m
on my way to the school now”
she said
“you are going back to the
school by this time. isn’t it late
already. can’t they wait until
tomorrow” I said
“have you forgotten that
tomorrow is Saturday.” she
“yes that’s true, but whatever
they have to tell you guys
should have waited until
Monday” I said
“it can’t wait. it’s very urgent.
it’s concerning the event our
department is organising on
Monday. The HOD wants to
pass all necessary information
to us.” she responded
“oh I see. till Monday then” I
“yes. I will talk to you later”
she said
“okay” I responded and ended
the call.

I took a deep breath.
‘ the day of the event is
already very close. so by
Monday, I will be standing in
front of a very large crowd.’ I
thought. I don’t even know if
I’m prepare to face the crowd.
I have never faced such crowd
before, so I don’t know what it
feels like to be standing in
front of a large crowd. I have
already memorized all what I
will say, but I can’t be so sure
that my mind will not go blank
when I see the large crowd.
can I actually do this? could it
be that my mind is only trying
to discourage me. could it be
that discouraging voice that is
speaking to me now. Sylvia
said that I shouldn’t listen to
the voice, because it will only
get me nervous. talking of
Sylvia, I haven’t seen her since
the last incident. I have to go
and explain things to her.
I stood up from my bed, took
my phone and left my room
twenty minutes later, I was
standing beside Sylvia’s door. I
waited for the next 5 minutes
before I finally knocked.
“hold on I’m coming” I heard
from within.
she opened the door a minute
later. I could see anger visibly
on her face the moment she
“Sylvia I am…………..”
she entered her room back and
slammed the door without
allowing me to complete my
I waited to see if she would
open the door but she didn’t. I
waited for the next 30 minutes
but she still didn’t open the
door. when I was tired of
waiting, I turned and left her
I got home 30 minutes later. I
lay on my bed immediately I
entered my room.
‘Sylvia is very angry with me.
I need to look for a way to
make her forgive me. she
doesn’t want to even see my
face. let me just leave her for
now. I will talk to her later,
when I believe she won’t get
angry. for now, let me just
focus my mind on the speech I
will deliver on Monday. I need
to prepare myself very well so
that I won’t mess up.
I took the book Sylvia gave me
and busied myself with it
immediately. I opened to the
page that contain step by step
guide on how to overcome
stage fright. the book has
really helped me, and I believe
if I follow the guideline in the
book, I will be able to face the
crowd on Monday.

I read the book until 1am. I
finally slept off when I was
tired of reading, with the aim
to continue when I wake up.
I woke up very early. I quickly
took my bath and had
breakfast. I busied myself with
the book when I was done with
all my chores. I made sure I
practice some tips as I read. I
didn’t do anything else aside
from reading and rehearsing.
The next day which was
Sunday, I continued same way.
I read until my vision became
blur. then it occurred to me
that I have over read.
I couldn’t sleep that night,
because I knew that once I
wake, it would be the day of
the event.
I was more than ready for the
event, but I was still very
scared. I was scared because it
would be my first time of
facing such crowd. I was sure I
will do very fine if I follow the
guidelines in the book, but
that discouraging voice
wouldn’t let me be. it kept
sounding it clearly to me that I
will embarrass myself. the
voice was doing no good to
me, because I was already
having headache. I tried to get
some sleep for me to wake up
early but couldn’t. after 30
minutes of restlessness, I
finally slept off.
I woke up hours later. I turned
my gaze to the wall clock and
realized it was 6:25am. the
event will begin by 11am.
there won’t be lectures, so my
only reason of going to school
was because of the event.
I had my bath and got ready
for the event. I made sure I
had enough breakfast. I left
home exactly 10am.
I got to school 30 minutes
later. I went straight to the
place the event will hold. the
event will actually hold in the
school main auditorium. the
number of people I saw when I
got to the main auditorium
made my heart missed a beat.
the crowd was more than I
expected. the auditorium was
already filled up when I got
there. the stage was already set
for the event, and I could see
some important figure already
sitting on the high table. the
minister of finance was
already seated, and the
minister of education was also
seen sitting beside the minister
of finance. the vice chancellor
of the university was also seen
on the high table. some of the
lecturer in our department
were seen occupying the front
seat in the auditorium. the
other two students that will
also deliver speech were also
seen occupying the front seat.
about ten thousand people
were occupying the seats in
the auditorium, waiting
patiently for the event to
begin. the M.C was also seen
standing on stage.
I quickly went to sit beside the
other two students that will
deliver speech.
Five minutes later, the event
began. The M.C started by
recognizing the presence of all
important figure in the
After five minutes later, the
HOD went up stage to
introduce the event properly.
some lecturers also went up
stage one after the other to
now, it was time for the
students to deliver there
The M.C called the first student
and he went up stage to
deliver his speech. I was really
nervous. my heart was
pounding. I didn’t pay
attention to what the guy on
stage was saying. I might be
called next. can I do this? I
asked myself.
Everyone gave the guy on
stage a big round of applause
when he was done. he walked
back to sit on the seat he was
previously occupying.
The M.C went back on stage
with a book in his hand.
“that was a great speech” the
M.C said
“now the next student on the
list is Christian Owen”
My heart paused immediately I
heard my name.

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