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Friday, 20 April 2018

After staring at the
retreating figure of
Sylvia for a while, I
turned back to face
Sharon. Her face was still
curved in a smile. I stared at
her, not knowing what to say
next. After staring silently at
each other for a while, she
finally spoke.

“I think we should leave now. I
will come to your place later
in the evening for the
tutorial.” she said
I thought she has something
important to tell me.
“Sharon” I called
“yes dear” she responded.
“I thought you wanted to tell
me something important” I
“yes, but let’s leave that for
now. when I come to your
place for the tutorial, I will tell
you.” she responded.
“okay” I said
“where are you going from
here?” she asked
“I don’t know. anywhere the
spirit leads me” I responded.
“okay, I’m just asking so that I
won’t get to your place and
start waiting” she said.
“you won’t have to wait. I will
get home on time” I assured
“okay let’s leave then” she
we left the garden and went
our separate ways.
I found myself going back to
the garden called, the garden
of eden in school. I couldn’t
explain why I was going back
there. the last time I was
there, I didn’t do anything
important aside from staring
at ladies trooping in and out of
the garden. the garden is a
perfect place for lovers to
show how much they love
each other. you would always
see a guy and a lady cuddling,
kissing, or doing all sort of
things when you get to the
garden. it is the only place in
school where students are free
to do whatever they like
without any disturbance. it is
believed that the garden of
eden is the only place you can
woo a lady and ask her to
come over to your place at that
spot, and she would agree
without any stress. it is also
believed that ladies who
usually come to the garden are
those who want to explore the
world and use the freedom
they have gotten to the
maximum, after being held
bondage by their parent before
gaining admission. so wooing
a lady in the garden of eden is
as easy as abc. they don’t
prove difficult to get, and if
you play your card well, she
might agree to go to you place
with you.

I made myself believe I was
going to the garden to clear my
mind of all worries and
nothing else. I got to the
garden, and as usual, the place
was already filled with guys
hanging out with their woman.
I located an empty seat beside
a tree and sat down. I kept
staring at ladies trooping in
and out of the garden. I didn’t
do anything else aside from
staring at any lady that passed
my way. I was enjoying what I
was seeing. it was really
pleasing to the eyes. After
about an hour, I heard
someone called my name from
behind. I recognized the voice.
I quickly turned to see Kate
standing behind me. her face
was curved in a smile. she
walked to me and sat beside
“Christian, how are you?” she
“I’m good and you?”
“I’m good too” she responded
Her mood suddenly changed.
“Christian I’m really angry
with you” she said.
“why, what did I do?” I asked
“don’t ask me. just know that I
will never set foot in your
house again” she said
“this is serious. please tell me
what I did wrong, so that I will
know how to correct my
mistake.” I said.
“you have to find out yourself.
I can’t tell you that. just take
your mind back to the last
time I visited you. you will
realize your mistake.” she said
“okay, I will try find out what I
did wrong, and when I realize
it, I will surely come back and
make correction.” I said
“hmm, maybe that will be
when we have already
graduated from this school.”
she said
“I promise you, I will find out
very soon” I said
“okay, let me believe you
then.” she said
“I have to leave now. I have an
important appointment by
“okay” I responded.
she stood up and left the
garden. I continued staring at
ladies trooping in and out of
the garden when Kate left. I
turned my gaze to the left and
saw a lady staring at me. she
was sitting alone at the far-left
of the garden. I stared back at
her without blinking. After a
while of staring at each other,
she stood up and walked
towards me. she got to me and
sat beside me.

“hi” she greeted
“hi” I responded
“I guess you haven’t seen your
spec” she said
“I don’t understand” I said,
“don’t pretend not to know
what i’m talking about. I know
why you are here. you are
looking for the next lady who
would warm your bed. I have
been watching you for a while
now. I saw you staring at
every lady that passed your
way. I guess you have not seen
any lady that match your
taste.” she said.
look at how this lady is laying
false accusation on me . I
thought. I have to play along
to see what she was driving at.
“so you caught me already.
you can’t blame me. man got
to ease himself of some stress.
it is not bad to mingle and
have fun after the day’s stress”
I said
“so you have not seen anyone
to mingle with since you have
been here” she said
“not really. I have not seen
any lady that match my taste.
it won’t be a bad idea if we
mingle. since we are both
alone” I said.
“you mean the both of us?”
she asked
“yes” I responded
She laughed out loud
“sorry, you are not my type”
she said
I was hurt by that statement,
but I remained calm.
“so can you describe your kind
of guy to me” I said
“guys with flashy cars” she
“I see. so how are you so sure
that I’m not your kind of guy,
when you are only seeing me
for the first time” I said
“do you have a car?” she

“you will have to find out
yourself” I said
“how?” she asked
I wanted to speak but my
phone started ringing. I
brought out the phone from
my pocket and realized the call
was from Sharon.
“give me a minute” I said to
the lady beside me and picked
the call.
“hello Sharon” I said
“Christian I hope you are at
home, because I’m already on
my way to your place.” she
“yes I’m at home” I lied
“okay I will be there very
soon” she said
“okay” I responded.
I ended the call and turned to
face the lady beside me.
“that was one of your side
chick right?” she asked
“something like that. I have to
start leaving now. she needs
me” I said
“okay” she responded
“so what’s your name” I asked
“I can’t tell you that now.
maybe when next we meet.
and make sure you are with
your car when next I see you”
she said
“okay” I responded.
I stood up and left the garden.
‘that lady is something else’ I
said to myself as I left the

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