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Friday, 20 April 2018

Sylvia gripped my hands
and stared into my eyes.
“Christian, you can start
learning now, with time you
will get better” she said
“but what am I suppose to say
to her when I approach her. I
don’t have anything in mind. I
can’t just walk up to her and
keep staring at her face
without saying anything.” I
Sylvia took a deep breath
“okay. when you walk up to
her, ask her politely if you can
sit beside her. if she agrees,
you sit down. if she doesn’t
respond, that also means you
can sit. so you sit down.
obverse her mood for a while,
because it’s base on that, you
will know the next line of
words to use. if she’s happy
and ready to have a
conversation with you, you
can flirt with her and say
some nice words that would
make her feel special. but if
she’s in a bad mood, then you
don’t have to flirt with her.

just make it look like you are
also in a bad mood. say things
that would express how sad
you are. things like ‘ how can
my girlfriend dump me for my
bestfriend’. if she realizes you
are just as sad as she is, she
would be able to talk to you
and even tell you her problem,
because she would believe you
will understand her better
since you both are in a bad
mood. you can asked for her
number when she’s done
narrating her problem to you,
and she will gladly give it to
you. Now go to her. this is
your first task” Sylvia said
This task is really a difficult
one. I have never walked up to
a lady and ask for her number.
I’m sure that my mind will go
blank when I get to her and I
won’t have anything to say.
“stop listening to what that
voice is telling you right now.
it will only discourage you,
because it doesn’t want you to
make mistake. it wants you to
be perfect all the time, which
is not possible. if you keep
waiting for when you will do
things perfectly, then you will
never do anything. do want
you wish to do and stop
listening to that discouraging
voice.” Sylvia said to me as if
she was reading my mind.
“okay, I will go to her” I said
“good” she responded.
My heartbeat has increased
already, when I have not even
stood up from my seat. I need
to do this. I won’t listen to
what my mind is telling me.
I stood up and walked slowly
towards her. my heartbeat
increased in geometric
progression with every step I
took towards her. Her gaze
was fixed on the floor. I got to
her and stood beside her. she
didn’t notice my presence
because she was still staring at
the floor. my heart was
pounding fast. my mind was
telling me to turn and walk
back or I will just embarrass
myself, but I’m not going to
listen to that voice. I don’t
want to disappoint Sylvia. she
had been a great help to me. I
will talk to this lady and face
any embarrassment.

“hi” I greeted
she didn’t respond
“can I sit?” I asked
she didn’t respond. she didn’t
even look up from the floor
her gaze was fixed on.
I slowly sat down, with my
gaze fixed on her. since Sylvia
said I should sit if she didn’t
respond, I just have to sit. I
waited for her to raise her
head and face me, but she
didn’t. she kept staring at the
floor. Sylvia said I need to
observe her mood before
choosing my line of words, but
how am I suppose to do that
when she’s not even looking at
me. I need to look for a way to
get her attention.

“hello, are you with someone?”
I asked
she raised up her head to face
me immediately I made that
statement. the glare she shot
me sent shiver down my
spine. her eyes were red,
which showed that she was
either crying or holding back
the tears from dropping. I
wanted to stand up
immediately and leave,
because she was not in the
right frame of mind to talk to
anyone. but I just had to
remain seated and follow
Sylvia’s guideline.
she kept glaring at me as if I
was the cause of her problem.
I was not just nervous. I was
really scared. if those eyes
were gun, I wouldn’t be alive
by now. about four bullets
would have pierced into my
body. I better stand up and
leave because it’s obvious that
she wants to transfer her
aggression to me.
I turned my gaze to Sylvia, to
see if she would ask me to
leave her, but she only shook
her head which means I
should face it. I turned my
gaze back to the lady beside
me to see her still glaring at
me. I just have to follow Sylvia

“some people don’t have
conscience” I said in a sad
“how can my girlfriend of four
years dump me for my best
I took the glass of wine on her
table and down all the content.
“it’s so painful” I continued.
“when I thought we would
spend the rest of our life
together.” I said
I took a side glance at her and
realized she was listening to
me with keen interest. she was
no longer glaring at me.
“your girlfriend cheated on
you too?” she asked
I nodded in affirmation.
“why are some people so
cruel” she screamed.
I could see the number of eyes
that stared at us when is
“did your boyfriend cheat on
you?” I asked, not sure if I was
supposed to ask.
she looked into my eyes. I
could see pain in her eyes.
“not just my boyfriend, but my
fiance. our wedding was
supposed to be this weekend. I
caught my fiance in bed with
my bestfriend.” she said as
tears flow freely from her
“it’s so painful. it hurts a lot.
how am I suppose to leave
without him. I love him so
much. why will he hurt my
feelings.” she said as more
tears flow from her eyes.
I was totally confused. I didn’t
know if I was suppose to
console her or just keep
staring at her.

she took the bottle of wine on
her table and down all the
content. my eyes widen in
shock. that was too much for
her to drink.
It didn’t take long for the wine
to start having effect on her.
she stood up from her seat and
staggered to me. she gripped
my cloth and stared into my
“whenever you see Gabriel,
you should tell him that I can
do without him. I can survive
without him. I won’t remain
like this forever. he will regret
doing this to me.” she said,
glaring at me as if I knew the
Gabriel he was talking about.
she was suffocating me already
by her grip. I turned my gaze
to Sylvia for her to come to
my rescue, but she only
I tried to free myself from her
hold, but she held me tightly.
how was I suppose to explain
to her that I don’t know any
Gabriel when she was drunk.
she started saying words that I
don’t understand, and all of a
sudden, she slept off in my
hands. I stared at her,
confused of what to do next.
why did I approach her in the
first place.
I looked at Sylvia with
pleading eyes, but she only

I took her phone from her bag
and went through her contact.
I dialed the number she saved
as sweet mum. that should be
her mother. she picked and I
informed her of her daughter
present state. she promised to
come get her in the next 30
minutes. I waited for 40
minutes before she finally
came to carry her daughter.
I heaved a sigh of relief and
walk back to meet Sylvia. I sat
down beside her and didn’t
say anything to her. I was
disappointed that she didn’t
assist me even when I pleaded.
“well done. you did a great
job.” she said.
“that lady almost strangled me.
I need to use the restroom” I
said and quickly stood up.
“okay” she responded.
I quickly rushed to the
restroom without delay.
I emerged from the restroom
few minutes later to see a guy
standing beside Sylvia. I
quickly hid in a place where I
could easily eavesdrop on their
“hi” the guy said to Sylvia
“hi” Sylvia responded.
“are you alone?” the guy asked
“no, I’m with someone” Sylvia
“who” he asked
“my boyfriend” she responded
my face curved in a smile
immediately she said that.

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