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Thursday, 19 April 2018

I got home exactly
10:15pm. I lay on my bed,
and the event which
happened at Sylvia’s
house flashed through my
mind. I still couldn’t believe
that I told Sylvia my problem. I
have never told anyone this
before. not even my family
members. How can I be so
courageous to tell a lady about
it. And the fact that I cried in
her presence still marvels me.
I don’t think I was in the right
frame of mind then, because
the normal Christian wouldn’t
have done all that.

The vibration of my phone
brought me back to reality. I
stared into the screen and saw
that the call was from Sylvia.
that was when I realized I was
supposed to call her when I got
home. I picked the call
“hello Sylvia” I said
“Christian, have you gotten
home?” she asked
“yes, I just got home. I was
about to call you before you
called” I said
“okay, make sure you rest
your body and don’t think
about anything” she said
“okay, thanks a lot” I
“I will call you later to check
on you” she said
“okay” I responded.
I ended the call and lay on my
bed. I slept off few minutes
The vibration of my phone
woke me up few hours later. I
stretched my hand to my desk
to get my phone. I picked up
the call when I realized it was
from Sylvia.
“hello Sylvia” I said, feeling
“Christian, are you still in
bed? aren’t you supposed to be
prepared for lectures by now”
I looked at the wall clock in my
room and realized it was
7:15am. I was having my first
lecture by 8am. so, if Sylvia
didn’t call, I wouldn’t have
woken up.
“I have taken my bath already.
I will be in school in the next
15minutes” I lied to her.
“okay make sure you get to
school on time” she said
“I will” I responded.
I ended the call and quickly
rushed to my bathroom to take
my bath.

I got to the school exactly
8:15am. I heaved a sigh of
relief when I realized the
lecturer was not yet in class. I
located an empty seat and
quickly sat down. the lecturer
entered the class immediately I
settled down. he went straight
to the business of the day.
After his lecture, he gave us
an assignment which we were
to submit in his next class. I
left the class immediately to
have breakfast. I didn’t have
breakfast before leaving home.
on my way to the restuarant, I
saw my course mates, Grace
and Amanda walking towards
me from a distance. I wanted
to dodge but couldn’t, because
they saw me first.
“hi” I said when they got to
“Christian, thank God I met
you here. I have been looking
for you since the class ended.
where are you heading?” Grace
“I am going……..” I paused
“I am going……..” I paused

I was thinking of where to tell
them. I don’t want to tell them
that I was actually going to the
“I’m just taking a walk” I
finally responded
“it seems you are less busy.
please I will need you to
explain the assignment that
was given to us is
very technical. I don’t even
know which formula to apply.”
Grace said.
“let’s look for an empty class
where you can explain it to
us” Amanda added.
They dragged me along with
them, without waiting for my
response. they located an
empty class, and we sat down
on one of the long chairs in
the class. they brought out
their books and gave me a pen
for me to begin. I held the pen
for 2 minutes, trying to think
of the best way to start.
“erm……” I paused
it seemed I was getting
nervous again. why can’t I just
control this thing for once.
“Christian we are ready” Grace
“okay” I responded
Just when I was still trying to
deal with the ladies beside me,
Janet and Judith, who are also
my course mates walked into
the class.
“so this is where you guys are
hiding. and we have been
looking for you all over the
school.” Janet said

“what are you guys solving, is
it the assignment? Judith
“yes. Christian is trying to
explain it to us” Grace
“have you guys gone far?”
Judith asked
“no, we are about to begin”
Grace responded
“Okay let’s join you then”
Judith said
Judith and Janet immediately
sat beside us, making it 4
ladies that I would be sitting
alone with in a class. it’s
obvious that I would
embarrass myself. I know I
won’t be able to speak
normally in the presence of
these ladies.
“we are ready” Grace said
it is certain that the whole
class would know that I’m a
shy guy, because I’m going to
mess up things here.
Just when I was about to say
my first word, Sylvia walked
into the class.
“so this is where you guys are”
she said
It felt like a huge burden was
lifted from my heart
immediately I saw her.
“I hope you don’t mind if I
join you guys” she said,
walking towards us.
“you can join us” I responded
Sylvia sat beside me and I
heaved a sigh of relief.
I started the lecture with them,
and until I finished, I didn’t
feel nervous. I couldn’t believe
that I just explained a whole
topic to 5 ladies without being
I observed that it was when
Sylvia walked in that I gained
confidence to teach them. it
seems I’m now confident being
with Sylvia. Even when she
called me this morning and
last night, I didn’t get nervous
when talking to her. I even
picked her call without delay. I
just pray things continue this

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