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Thursday, 19 April 2018

I sat on my bed trying to
gather as much
confidence as I could. my
heart kept pounding in
my chest as the day get darker.
Any moment from now, I will
be in Sylvia’s house. I stood
up from my bed, as it was no
more comfortable for me to sit
on. I paced in my room trying
to rehearse a few words I
would say when I get to her
place. my gaze went to the wall
clock in my room and I
realized it was already 6:45pm.
I was supposed to be at her
place by 7pm. I was getting
really nervous. maybe I should
just call her and tell her that I
won’t be coming anymore. but
she might think I’m still angry
with her if I tell her that. I
have to go. I have promised
her already. I will try my best
not to look nervous

I took my wallet from my bed
and left my room.
I got to her place exactly
7:15pm. I stood beside her
door contemplating on
whether to knock or not. After
10 minutes of standing, I
summoned courage and
“hold on please. I’m coming”
her voice sounded from
After about 30 seconds, the
door opened. My heart missed
a beat when I saw her but I
remained calm.
“wow! you came. I thought
you won’t come.” she said
“I already promised to come. I
don’t want to disappoint you.”
I said
“please come in” she said
I entered and she followed
behind me.
“please have a sit” she said
pointing to a plastic chair
beside a table.
“thank you” I said and sat on
the chair.
She sat on the other plastic
chair opposite me.
“thanks for coming” she said
“now I know you are no more
angry with me”
I didn’t say anything.
“you didn’t attend lectures all
through last week. what
happened?” she asked
“nothing” I responded
“you just decided to stay at
“yes” I responded.
“I hope you had gone through
all the topics we did that week”
“yes” I responded.
She looked into my eyes as if
she was searching for
“it seems you are a guy of few
words” she said
I didn’t know what to respond.
I just smiled.
“please give me a minute” she
said and went into her

That was when I took my time
to admire the beauty of her
room. I haven’t been able to
observe her room since I
came. her bed was just beside
her wardrobe. her room was
painted pink. posters of some
popular celebrities could be
since on the wall. while I was
still admiring the beauty of
her room, she emerged with
two plates of rice in her
hands. she placed it on the
table beside me. she went back
inside and returned with a
bottle water and two glasses.
she placed it on the table and
sat opposite me.
“okay, dinner is ready. I hope
you will like it” she said.
she served the food and
started eating, while I stared at
the food like I needed approval
before eating.
“are you not eating?” she
asked when is realized I have
not touched the food
“I will” I said and quickly took
a spoonful into my mouth.
she stared at me as if she was
trying to read what was on my
mind. she smiled and
continued eating her food.
“I hope you like the food”
“yes.” I answered and fixed my
gaze back on the food.
she kept staring at me with
smiles on her face. I tried not
to look up from my food in
order not to meet her gaze.
Her continuous stare was
making me uncomfortable. it
was as if she was reading my
“for how long have you been
this way?” she asked
Her question got me really
confused. I didn’t understand
her question
“I don’t get you” I said
“you can tell me about it. it
helps when you share it with
close friends.” she said
I still didn’t understand what
she was trying to say
“I really don’t get you. what
are you taking about?” I asked
she smiled and dropped the
spoon she was holding.

“my uncle was once like you.
things didn’t go well for him
because he decided to keep it
to himself. he had to marry
someone he didn’t love.” she
The more she speaks, the
more I get confused. what does
her uncle got to do with me.
“Sylvia, what are you trying to
say? you are getting me
confused.” I said
“you don’t have to hide it from
me. I know already.” she said
“you know what?” I asked
“I know that you are always
nervous anytime you are alone
with a lady. you are a shy guy”
I froze immediately she made
that statement. I stared at her
in shock.

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