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Thursday, 19 April 2018

I went home immediately I
left the cafeteria. I didn’t
wait for the next lecture. I
was scared of what Sylvia
might say or do to me in class.
it would be very embarrassing
if she repeats what she did to
me at the park.
That same day, exactly 5:30pm,
my phone started ringing. I
picked the call when I realized
it was from Mustack.
“hello Mustack” I said
“how far guy. what happened?
you left the cafeteria without
telling me. I realized you were
no more in the cafeteria when
I looked back. why did you
leave?” he asked.
“I’m sorry bro. I was having
an upset stomach. I just have
to leave without telling you” I
I knew he didn’t buy that lie. I
just had to say it since I had
no other lie to tell him.
“okay, that was why you didn’t
attend the last lecture” he said
“yes” I responded
“have you taking anything
drug” he asked
“yes” I answered
“okay, take care of yourself. I
will call you later” he said
“okay” I responded.

I ended the call and dropped
my phone on my bed. Sharon
called immediately I dropped
my phone on my bed. I picked
the call after taking a deep
“hello Sharon” I said
“hello Christian, you didn’t
attend the last lecture. what
happened?” she asked
“I was not feeling too well. I
went home earlier.” I
“is it that same headache?” she
“yes” I answered
“I thought you took drugs” she
“yes I did” I responded
“maybe we should just
postpone our tutorial until
next week, so that you can
take care of yourself” she said
“okay, that would be nice.
thank you very much”
“I will call you later to check
on you” she said.
“okay, thanks”
I ended the call and lay on my
All through that week, I stayed
at home. I didn’t attend
lectures. I was scared of
meeting Sylvia. I was scared of
what she might say to me in
Mustack, Sharon and Joy, all
called to know why I wasn’t
attending lectures and I lied to
them that I wasn’t feeling fine.
I made up my mind to call
Mustack. I need to know what
was Sylvia’s reaction when he
told her that I like her,
because I can’t keep missing
lectures. I waited until
weekend before calling him. he
picked after the second beep.
“hello Christian, how are you?”
he asked.
“I’m fine” I responded
“I hope you are getting better”
“yes” I responded
“Mustack” I called
“yes Christian” he answered
“when you told Sylvia that I
like her, what did she say?” I
asked, waiting curiously for
his answer.

“I didn’t tell her anything. so
you believed I told her. how
would I have told her when
you didn’t give your consent.
that wouldn’t be nice for me to
do. I was just pulling your leg.
I only went to ask her if her
micro economics note was
complete” Mustack said
“so you didn’t tell her?” I
“no I didn’t” he answered.
I heaved a sigh of relief and
thanked God silently.
“okay I will call you later” I
I ended the call and sighed. I
was happy that he didn’t tell
her, but at the same time
disappointed in myself. I was
disappointed that I could be so
stupid to have missed lectures
for a whole week, without any
concrete reason.
Just when I was about to lie on
my bed, I heard a knock on my
door. I wasn’t expecting
anyone. I knew it wasn’t
Sharon, because we had
already agreed to postpone the
tutorial until next week. I
walked to the door and open
it. I froze when I saw Kate
standing at the door with
smiles on her face. I never
remember telling her where I
“hi Christian”
“hi” I managed to respond.
“you are surprised to see me
right?” she asked
I nodded
“well, you will find out later,
how I got to know where you
stay” she said, walking into
my room without allowing me
to usher her in.

She went straight to my bed
and sat on it. I locked my door
and went to sit on the plastic
chair. I won’t make the same
mistake of sitting beside her
on my bed, because I knew
how nervous I was when I sat
beside Sharon on that bed.
She lay on her back and
spread her hands.
“I’m so tired” she said
I quickly got a wine from my
cupboard and gave to her. she
sat up and collected the drink.
“thank you” she said
I went back to sit on the chair
i was previously occupying
while she sipped from the
wine. I took a book on my
desk, open a page and fixed
my gaze on it, pretending like
I was reading. it was better to
pretend like I was reading than
to stay in the same room with
her and couldn’t start a
conversation. After 5minutes
of silence, she spoke.
“you stay here alone?” she
“yes” I responded and fixed
my gaze back on the book I
was holding.
“why is your room so hot?”
she asked, fanning herself
with a book.
she unbuttoned the upper
button of her blouse, revealing
her cleavage. I tried not to look
at her, because it wouldn’t be
nice if she caught me looking
at her cleavage.

After another 5minutes of
silence, she spoke again.
“are you expecting someone?”
she asked
“no” I answered
“I will soon be leaving o” she
“okay” I responded
After a while of deafening
silence, she spoke.
“do you always sit all day on
that chair?” she asked
“no” I responded
After a while, she buttoned her
blouse which she had earlier
unbuttoned. She stood up from
my bed, carried her handbag
and walked to the door.
“are you leaving?” I asked
she didn’t reply. I stood up
immediately and walked to me
“let me see you off” I said
“don’t bother” she cut in
I could see the look of
disappointment on her face
when she said that. she left my
room without sparing me one
last look. I stood at my door,
wondering what I could have
done wrong.

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